By Way of Introduction

I used to want to be a novelist.

It’s true. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young; and I’ve been told over the years that I’m pretty good at it. While creative writing was by far my favorite in school, I also enjoyed writing essays and term papers.  The notion of writing for a living came to a head when I was in the 10th grade. In our English class, we had to write a fictional story in groups on any subject we so desired.  My group of four titled our novella, I kid you not,” He-Man, Woman Hater.” It was ridiculous and ridiculously fun to write. We got an “A.”

In that same class, we were required to keep a daily journal. At the start of each class, we were given 10-15 minutes to write in the journals, and the teacher would collect them and “grade” the entries. In my journal, I wrote stories; each day adding a new paragraph to whatever story I had invented. I remember one story about a nightmare. And another about a medieval princess transported to modern Los Angles. I was big into sci-fi/horror/fantasy novels, TV, and movies at the time, which helped influence my imagination. My teacher liked the crazy stories and encouraged me to continue. I was never docked points for not keeping a true “diary.”

And after my sophomore year was over, I started a story on my own. By the time the summer was over, I had filled a blue, spiral-bound notebook with this strange story about a guy and his robot.  You see, between the Back to the Future movies and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I was enthralled with the notion of time travel (probably because, as an awkward teen, I longed to be anywhere other than I currently was). And that story from my school journal about the transported princess planted the seed for that story that ended up in my blue, spiral-bound notebook. The initial story was set in the current times as they were seen from the 1950s. So, it was still 1990, except everyone had flying cars and personal robots.  The main protagonists were Rob and his helpful personal robot named… “Meister.” (I…just…god, I hate revealing that name, but…yeah.) Rob and…his robot…were somehow mysteriously whisked into the past, a past that was part jungle, part Renaissance, and all weird. The story then followed Rob’s adventures as he tried to return to his own time. At one point he was joined by a magical queen (think She-Ra) with a large pet animal…probably a cat. A big cat. Like He-Man. (Sensing a theme, are we?)  And there was an evil king who captured them, and a castle from which they all had to escape. In one of the few scenes I recall, the queen seduced the king and then…haha!…stabbed him in the back, literally. Like there was blood and stuff. Anyway, that’s how they escaped.

But this story, as silly as it was, remained unfinished; and the notebook itself was lost many years ago. My dream to become a novelist wore away with the times and reality. Even so, I’ve never forgotten that notebook or that strange ebbing and flowing drive to write. And I’m really happy that, as part of the GFN, I’m being allowed the opportunity to indulge that desire. Over on my personal blog, I write mostly about video games. Over on another site, United We Game, I also write about video games. Here at GFN, I might write about video games. I might write about Stephen King. I might write about vegetarianism. I might write about Star Trek: The Next Generation. I might write about cars. Or I might write about a boy and his robot. You just won’t know unless you stick around to find out.

I’m here on Fridays, but there’s plenty to explore on the Geek Force Network.


2 thoughts on “By Way of Introduction”

  1. I did a ton of creative writing back in high school and a little in college, but over the years I got too busy and inspiration to write had run out. I still feel that urge to take it up again, but again, time and now blogging has made it really hard to get creative.

    There’s truly a joy in creating your own world and characters the way you want them to be. We get to escape into the story you weave, and you think in terms of the story you want to read. Maybe someday I can get creative again!

    1. I’ll admit to harboring a little jealousy against writers who can easily craft stories from thin air. Ideas used to come so easily to me, but now, they just don’t. We’re in such different places now in life than we were when we were young (and I’m not sayin’ that we’re old…hardly!) But we are being creative with our blogs, right? I mean, it takes a little creativity to write out blog posts in a way that interests people and keeps them coming back for more. It’s not quite the same thing as saying “Once upon a time,” but the similarities are there I think.

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