The Sound of the Crowd


There comes a time when one man’s voice is lost in a crowd – when his words are lost and go unnoticed. During times like these, it is natural for the self to act out further by shouting louder or resorting to violence. Even then, a sizable crowd will still drown you out. Often when we wish to speak the loudest, we look inward rather than outward. We lend our voice to a greater cacophony with the hope that the throngs will part, and your will be made into the absolute law of the land.

In other words, we become completely useless and counterproductive.

Democracy is a great big crowd of people yelling about this or that. It rarely gets the results that a single individual hungered for, and often leaves its biggest fans even hungrier. Yet, it is a simple truth that the most powerful voice is the voice of the many rather than the few. Instead of lending your breath toward the cacophony of desperate and lonely people each shouting for their own justice, lend it to a single harmony. Find a crowd that you can trust and use that trust to build a community or a … network.

Blogging can often feel like shouting among a great big mass of people who have been shouting longer or better than you, or people who just have more time to spend more time shouting, or even people who are just more photogenic while shouting. It is easy to despair and feel unheard. It’s even easier for those who might be willing to listen to never find you in the first place.

That is why I wanted to be a part of the Geek Force Network. It’s a network of many bloggers that I have found to be both profound and interesting. More than that, it is a shared community where bloggers can be heard. I look forward to learning, reading, and growing in its burgeoning populace!


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