Episode.10 – Stirling Silver


Episode.10 – Stirling Silver

Welcome to episode 10, making this the Decade of Destruction.

Hello to fans and friends, new and old! On today’s very special episode, Joshua and Sam discuss the recent torrential downpour of geekiness in the forms of Free Comic Book Day, the release of Iron Man 3, the importance of using power and popularity for good, possible merch possibilities and a shout out to Stevi the designer and deliver on their threat to hit you all with one of the most epic Incoductalks yet, as well as announce the epic unveiling of Geek Force Network. May’s very special guest interview is none other than the incredibly talented Lindsey Stirling. If you haven’t already, do kindly get hype, everyone.

Show notes:

This Week’s “What’s in My Head?”

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5 thoughts on “Episode.10 – Stirling Silver”

  1. I would wear…well, that’s a bad way to lead, because I’d wear pretty much anything you guys create. BUT! It would be sweet to have your i logo, with “boosh” underneath. So awesome.

  2. Really late to the party here, but what a fantastic interview!

    Your “i” logo in all its blue and black sticker-y goodness will look great on our desk. The same logo on the pocket of a black polo would be pretty swanky. Also, the “i” logo in the moon of the Three Wolf Moon shirt = BEST SELLING SHIRT EVAR!

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