Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 20

Welcome to my Amnesia series! Amnesia: The Dark Descent is often called the ‘scariest game of all time’, which is why I decided to play this for your sadistic enjoyment. Watch me solve puzzles, freak out and panic to your heart’s content from the safety of your own home!

In this episode, Amnesia tortures my mind and eyes, but maybe not in the way you think. So… many… puzzles… I’ve got puzzles coming out of the..


3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 20”

  1. Sometimes, while I watch you play through, I find myself wishing that you would open a door and there would just be a nice field full of flowers and kittens. Then I realize that the kittens would probably try to tear you apart and the flowers would try to strangle you. There’s really no way to soften this game without ruining kittens and flowers 😦

    1. That’s a nice thought, but you’re right, it would probably end up being even more terrible than the monsters and much more traumatizing. If I opened a door and saw a field of flowers and kittens I’d probably run in the opposite direction as fast as I could! 😀

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