Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Will Be At E3


E3 has enough enticing events and reveals to attract even the most isolated gamers, but the two games I have been holding my breath for (and have almost died several times because of it) is anything Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Not too much is known about the next Dragon Age installment besides some concept images and rumors pertaining to Orlais and the conflict between mages and templars. There have also been rumors about Hawke’s return, but the importance of this hasn’t been stated. But with these rumors comes some creative ideas and questions…

Will there be a Dragon Age 4? If so, then not all of the questions necessarily have to be answered for my enjoyment. One thing I’ve enjoyed so far about the series is the mystery that is so deliciously weaved throughout the storyline. Who or what is Flemeth? What are Morrigan’s ultimate plans? What in the frilly heck is Sandal? Where is our Warden, and what became of his/her companions? What happened to the Grey Wardens in general?

There are numerous details to be explained, and I’m looking forward to the answers that may or may not be revealed in Inquisition. How will the Seekers play inside of the growing battle between mages and templars? Will we be reunited with past companions? I have so many questions!

And while E3 is the perfect place to make a large reveal, I don’t see too much appearing from BioWare besides some teasing details that will only manage to make me drool even more (I hope I’m wrong though). Of course, I’ll never be satisfied until I have the game in my hands. Who will be the playable protagonist? Will we be able to explore Orlais’ prim and materialistic environment? Leliana’s stories in Origins definitely managed to interest me!

But with so many questions and not enough answers, Inquisition remains a full blown mystery to me. To all of the other Dragon Age fans, what would you like to see?

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5 thoughts on “Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Will Be At E3”

  1. Having just played through DA2s DLC about a month ago, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for DA3. Was DA2 perfect? No. But I loved the direction they took the character design, setting and combat in general. The repetitive maps and enemies sucked, but they clearly acknowledged this and strove to fix it by the last DLC release.

    I’m honestly hoping for a game that follows Hawke around again, and his/her story just seemed a bit more interesting and unique to me. Although I’m sure a large portion of that has to do with what I feel to be the stronger supporting characters in DA2 (some of them at least). Any game that focuses on characters and further refining and expanding the DA setting will probably make the cut in my book.


  2. Inquisition is definitely on my top games to play list. I don’t usually get games the day they release, but this one will be the exception. Dragon Age was the game that finally convinced me to get an Xbox.

    I’d actually like to play as my Warden again, but I doubt it’ll happen. Bioware has said there will be a new playable character for Inquisition. If anything, I’m hoping to have better story and character interactions. Dragon Age 2 was fun to play, but it felt disappointing towards the end. It didn’t have the same epicness as Origins. I did like the combat system in the second game. I think as other fans have said, Bioware should combine the best of Origins and Dragon Age 2 for Inquisition. We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday but I would love to be able to play as a bard in Orlais. Not just the specific rogue class, but inside of particular storylines consisting of spying and assassinating depending on the amount of cunning you build for your character. Outside of that, though, I’m more interested in seeing what happened with past characters. Leliana is one of my favorites and I would love to see her back in Orlais.

    I would also love to be able to play as my particular Hawke again, especially inside the tensions between mages and templars. And now I’m rambling again…

  4. Very exciting news! I recently started Dragon Age II and I have to admit that it’s not winning me over as much as DA:O. Yet I already like the idea of Hawke returning. And more with Flemeth and Morrigan? (Maybe? Hopefully?) Count me in.

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