SSTEQ: Wolf Special Part 3

In this last part of our S.AD.(Secret Arena of Death) series, all hell breaks loose and any illusion of co-op completely disintegrates along with everything else. SO MUCH FIRE! FIRE EVERYWHERE!

Also, we discover that Wolf has magical powers…

I hope you guys enjoyed our short collaborative series!

No whips, witnesses, or Wookies here
If we just stare at nothing long enough, it’ll all be okay, right? © Dreamworks

I’m not just a Harrison Ford fan; I’m a Harrison Ford apologist.

He was pretty okay as a Russian guy, da? I mean, he was stuck in a sub after all. It’s not like you can make a great movie in a submar— huh? The what about Red October? Oh.

It wasn’t so bad. Anybody looks good opposite Greg Kinnear.

Crystal Skull??
Yeah, aliens…but it was totally fun seeing Ford and Allen back together. And yes, I have the movie on Blu-Ray. You wanna fight about it?

While the list of Ford’s questionable movie choices goes on, “questionable” is really in the eye of the beholder. What’s great is that it looks like he might make it back onto the map in Ender’s Game and the Anchorman sequel, and this after a long stretch of, let’s be honest, cinematic duds. I mean, I love watching the man act, but the last movie I really, truly enjoyed him in was The Fugitive. (However, I’ve yet to see 42 and I’ve heard he was pretty good in that.)

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