A Week In Gaming – Sleeping Dogs and Dragon Age: Origins


Hello again everyone, and welcome to another “A Week In Gaming” post! This week I will talk all about my adventures in Sleeping Dogs, the newest game in my collection. I will also tell you all about my re-adventures (so to speak) in Dragon Age: Origins. So sit down, get comfortable, and prepare to take a look into my week in gaming.

Sleeping Dogs


Sleeping Dogs was added to the PlayStation Plus free game list this week, so naturally I downloaded it. It came as a bundle pack with all the DLC’s, which would regularly cost $59.99 but is now free to PlayStation Plus subscribers which pays for the subscription in itself. I had never purchased or played this game before due to the fact that I wasn’t really sure if I’d even like it, to be honest. Since it’s a lot like the Grand Theft Auto games in a very basic way and I didn’t care for those games, I figured I wouldn’t like this one. It came as quite a surprise to me when I couldn’t put the controller down, I found the game to be totally enticing and I even craved playing it when I wasn’t at home.

I think part of this, in comparison to my dislike of Grand Theft Auto, is because the main character is an undercover cop. I am going into law enforcement and found this aspect to be particularly interesting. I just don’t care to play the typical gangster/thug/criminal character, which is why the GTA series didn’t appeal to me other than for just driving around and causing trouble. I feel like the main character, Wei Shen, is very relatable and personable and I can understand his struggles. Throughout the game he is constantly in fear of either breaking his cover and being killed by the gang he is infiltrating or turning his back on the police he works for and becoming a part of the gang. It’s a constant struggle and it build character, in my opinion.

On top of all that, the gameplay is ridiculously fun. Kung Fu style combat takes place all the time, it’s not all guns and weapons, most of the fighting sequences occur fist-to-fist. Guns and other weapons are also involved, but I find the hand-to-hand combat to be much more enjoyable and interactive. It’s a lot of fun to play a game that embodies a lot of cool mechanics, such as fun driving and combat as well as an interesting story and characters.

Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age seems to be a really popular series, yet for some reason I can never seem to get into it. I bought the Dragon Age: Origins bundle pack a couple of years ago and have yet to get more than 3 or so hours into it before I give up. It’s weird, mentally I want to play it but I can’t physically get over the slow-paced combat style. For some people that combat style is the best but I am picky with RPG’s and prefer action RPG’s like Mass Effect 3 to the straight up RPG style of Dragon Age. We all know that RPG doesn’t just describe the interactive play-style but it also describes the general gameplay. I’ve always been very hit and miss with RPGs, for instance I love the Elder Scrolls series but can’t seem to get into the Fallout series, which is very contradictory to my previous statement regarding action RPG vs. standard RPG. I know, I’m weird.

I’ve been told that the combat in the second game is a little better, but that the game itself isn’t as good as the first. I really want to finish the first one and move on to the second one, especially since Dragon Age 3 has been announced. Anyway, I restarted Dragon Age: Origins with a new character and am officially giving it another shot in between all the other games I need to play. I’m sure sometime in the near future I’ll bring this game up again for another week in gaming post.

That’s it for this week. Next week I should be discussing Resident Evil Revelations as well as whatever else I can get my hands on. Until next week, game on!


2 thoughts on “A Week In Gaming – Sleeping Dogs and Dragon Age: Origins”

  1. I can definitely understand what you mean about the DA:O combat. I actually enjoy it quite a bit, but it only seems to work for certain character classes. For instance, archery is really slow, but mage is fun because then it makes sense to pause the combat at the start and target a group of character with crowd control spells, etc.

    1. You know what, you’re so right. The first time I played I tried to be a rogue I think and I didn’t care for it. In this most recent attempt I went with a mage and I am liking it a lot more already. I think the combat just works better for a mage since you can control the spells in the right amount of time and it makes sense.

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