Ode to the Pink Knight – Why This Castle Crashers Knight Kicks Ass

A few months ago I finished playing Castle Crashers on co-op with my cousin and friend. It was my first time playing the game and one of the first few games (aside from Dragon Age: Origins) I owned, ever since the fateful day I decided to get an Xbox 360.

For those not familiar with Castle Crashers, it’s a fun 2-D, side-scrolling, action adventure, beat ’em up style game done by developer The Behemoth. The world has a very colorful and super cutesy feel to it. Even the knights themselves, despite looking fierce, have an adorable look to them. There is quite a selection of knights to choose from with their own unique set of powers and fighting styles. Some knights came with the game and other additional characters needed to be purchased using Xbox points. Both my cousin and friend told me that the game included a Pink Knight pack for download. I believe the Pink Knight is a free to download pack if I’m not mistaken. My brain is a little sketchy on these details. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this one.

If that face doesn't warm your heart, then your heart is made of coal
If that face doesn’t warm your heart, then your heart is made of coal

Hearing about the Pink Knight being an extra character to add to Castle Crashers, I immediately had to have him. And here’s a little tidbit if you’re curious, I kept thinking the Pink Knight was a girl until a little Googling informed me that the “she” was really a “he.”

Looks like I’ll have to enlighten my cousin and friend on this discovery at a later date, as they too thought the Pink Knight was a girl. I guess if you have a knight wearing the prettiest shade of pink, one would presume this knight is a “she.” Either way, when I first laid eyes on the Pink Knight I fell in love pretty hard. I have such a weakness and soft spot for cute things, and the Pink Knight is most definitely adorable. So cute and pink! Out of all the knights in the game, he’s the happiest looking one. If I can hug this knight I would. Too cute!

Neither my cousin or friend really used the Pink Knight when they played Castle Crashers, so when we got a game going together one night, they were amused and laughing over what his powers were. To go with the cuteness and pink persona, this particular knight came with cute powers and weapons to charge into battle with. The Pink Knight crushed enemies with rainbows, threw plushie penguins and hamsters of death at his foes, and his starter weapon was a pink, swirly lollipop to bash the bad guys over the head with. Even his armor was decorated with a heart. The Pink Knight screams more lover than a fighter, but he will fight to defend a lady’s honor.

I gushed like no tomorrow when I played as the Pink Knight. My friend and cousin weren’t surprised by how much I loved him. They thought he was as adorable as I was. I kept hearing them say through the headset how it was just too cute to hear my reactions to the Pink Knight. My entire play style was cute to them. At one point, I was really focused on the fight and yelled, “Die, damn it! DIE!” My cousin or friend, I forget which one, said, “Oh God, you are too cute!” Their words, not mine. When I do fierce it comes out…cute. Well, there goes my dream of ever making a career out of being a badass ninja. I’d come off as “too cute” to be taken seriously. What am I going to do? Kill the enemies with adorableness? Wait, I take back what I said. This can work and I’ll explain how.

Probably when people look at the Pink Knight they may be thinking how this knight is the weakest of the bunch you can play as. You want to know what I think? Never judge someone based on appearances alone. The Pink Knight can kick as much ass as the next knight in the game. I mean, who would expect to be pelted by plushies? You think the knight looks as sweet as candy with those smiling eyes and that harmless lollipop in hand? Prepare to get bashed in the face with it! The Pink Knight is a great character because you won’t ever suspect this knight to be a threat. He’s the ultimate secret weapon to spring on some hapless idiot. When you don’t expect someone to be a threat, enemies let their guard down more. The Pink Knight embodies all of that.

Don't be fooled by that lollipop. It packs a bigger wallop than you might believe
Don’t be fooled by that lollipop. It packs a bigger wallop than you might believe

While my cousin and friend go for the super badass and cooler knights in Castle Crashers, I’ll rely on my trusty Pink Knight. He has gotten me through the entire game just fine and I enjoy how happy he looks fighting off the baddies with a smile. Hey, I’m a naturally happy and always smiling kind of person. I can relate to the Pink Knight really well. He’s just happy to be in battle and helping out however he can. The Pink Knight can also get the princess too! Who else can wear pink and make it look sexy? He can!

Fight valiantly on, Pink Knight.

12 thoughts on “Ode to the Pink Knight – Why This Castle Crashers Knight Kicks Ass”

  1. That is the cutest, kickass-est knight I’ve ever seen. Although I haven’t played much Castle Crashers, I’ve always loved the characters’ looks. Adorable. Also, it sounds like the Pink Knight might be one of your fictional soulmates. =)

    1. You should play the game some time! It’s so much fun. 😀

      I think you may be right about the Pink Knight being my soul mate. He’s so much like me in attitude and demeanor, which is why I didn’t want to play as any other knight except him. I really should buy a Pink Knight plushie!

  2. I love Castle Crashers so much. My favorite downloadable game this gen. I must say, I never tried the Pink Knight. Though I think it had more to do with me being through with the game by the time he released? Or perhaps I found out about the download after I finished. Had no idea about the plushies throwing… haha. That is pretty great. I was more of a Green Knight guy myself. I may need to see if I can still get the Pink Knight. Might be a good reason for another playthrough!

    1. My friend and cousin are huge fans of the Green Knight and Red Knight. They were being typical guys oohing and ahhing over how cool their knights were. And those two knights were cool, but yeah, the Pink Knight had massive appeal for me.

      You should give the Pink Knight a try if you decide to start up another game. His cuteness will melt your heart and it’s just hilarious watching him throw plushies at enemies!

  3. Just had to toss in my two cents and agree with everyone; I love Castle Crashers! It was one of the first games I picked up on my Xbox too! I played it with my brother and was tickled pink (ha, punny) by all of the knights, the animation, the referential humor, and the fun mechanics. Glad to see you enjoyed it too!

    1. What’s also great about the game is you can go back and try out the other characters you haven’t played with yet! I definitely want to try the other knights, but the Pink Knight will be a tough act to follow for me.

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