Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 29 and 30

After the chaos that was the 3-part Wolf Special, we decided to take it easy by going to hell (the Nether). It’s an enchanting place full of glowstone, zombie pigmen and haunted by… you know what, I won’t spoil the surprise for you. Watch as we take a relaxing stroll around hell, take in some sights and just generally enjoy each other’s company, while trying desperately not to die.

In the next episode, Grumbl3dook and I clash over our differences in our hunt for glowstone and realise it all comes down to a question of ‘pirates vs. ninjas’. Also, hell is much cozier than we expected with Ghasts at every turn, ready to send us their fire-y gifts. Will we stand as a team against this new threat? Probably not. Watch out for the surprising (or not so surprising) twist at the end!

Episode.12 – The Dirty Dozen

Episode.12 – The Dirty Dozen

It’s judgment day, listeners! Come out, come out wherever you are!

Despite (or along with) the risque’ title of Episode 12, there’s not all that much dirty content here, save for the random profanity tirade from Joshua. In this exciting chapter, the duo discuss Star Trek, Comic Book Conventions, Godzilla news, the potential of Ghostbusters III, paying tribute to a fallen musical legend, why nothing in Sam’s household lasts longer than six months and websites. Glorious, glorious websites.

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Episode 25 – Beardy Bought A Flower!

This week, Liam talks about nearly burning everything he owns to the ground, having to quantify your hobbies with and Goodreads, beards and aromatherapy, PLUS A NEW TOP FIVE LIST WHICH INCLUDES ST. VINCENT, THE CURE AND MORE!