A Week In Gaming – Resident Evil: Revelations and The Xbox One


Hello friends, and welcome to another post about my week in gaming. This week I will be discussing my newest game, a game just released this past week on May 21, Resident Evil: Revelations. Another event that took place on May 21 was the Xbox One reveal, and I plan to also give you all a little insight to my opinion on the overall announcement. So get ready to take look into my most recent week in the video game world.

Resident Evil: Revelations is not necessarily a new game, even though it was just released on console (PS3 and Xbox 360) and PC this past week. The game was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS early last year and was just recently ported to other, more substantial, platforms. I must say that for a port from a handheld console, this game looks and feels amazing. The graphics are really crisp and fresh and the gameplay is very smooth, it feels like it was never a port at all. This title was meant to take players back to an earlier time in the Resident Evil franchise when survival horror was key and gameplay was less action based. It does not fail in that aspect, the game does play a lot like early Resident Evil games. Be prepared for cheesy lines, overly dramatic reactions, and possibly even a Jill sandwich.


I really enjoy being able to play as multiple characters in this game. The main characters are Chris and Jill, who are notable characters in the series, but Revelations also introduces a couple of new characters that help out throughout the game. The game is always played in twos, so you’re never really alone but since it cannot not be played cooperatively with another player, you are technically alone from a human/AI standpoint. Basically it’s single player only, except for the Raid mode which I believe can be played with other humans. I can’t complain though, since I would probably have played it alone regardless. I’m only on the 5th episode right now, but so far this game is a lot of fun to play. It’s entertaining and challenging in all the right places. I’d say that buying it was definitely money well spent.

This week also marked a momentous occasion in gaming history – the next generation Microsoft console was announced. The Xbox One was revealed on May 21, and sadly fell flat in the minds of many gamers around the world. The reveal was interesting to say the least, I found it strange and in a way pointless from a gaming perspective, here’s why:

Microsoft centered the reveal around the fact that the Xbox One will be an “all-in-one” console and focused on the fact that people can multitask with it, so you can watch TV while surfing the internet or watch your favorite sports team play while updating your fantasy league stats. The weird part was that gaming in general was hardly brought up, other than to show off a couple of “new” games. The games that were shown were sports games that release annually (FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, etc.) and a new Forza game as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts (which is a multiplatform game). One new IP exclusive was brought up, a game by Remedy called “Quantum Break”. They didn’t say much about this game, compared to how long EA talked about their sports games that few were interested in, and showed a very cryptic teaser which I suppose was meant to leave viewers wanting more but ending up leaving me confused. Seeing as this is a gaming console, or at least we all thought it would be, it was odd to not focus on hardware or games but instead show television capabilities then say “see you at E3!”


The aftermath of the announcement was an increase in Sony’s stock, previous Xbox fans trading in their 360’s for PS3’s, and a general blanket of disappointment falling over the gaming community. There are still some die-hard fans and optimistic people out there who are willing to wait until this years E3 convention before making a decision, but honestly for people like me E3 is too little too late. It’s not that I don’t want to see these “15 console exclusives” that Microsoft has promised, but I just have this overwhelming feeling that most of them will either be Kinect titles or uninteresting in general. I have an Xbox 360 now, but I do not have a Kinect and I do not want one. The fact that this new console will be mostly run with the Kinect is unsettling to me, I don’t want to talk to my console and have to use voice commands to do stuff with it. I also don’t watch TV other than a couple of shows on Netflix and The Walking Dead, so that whole television focus didn’t work on me. There is also a lot of strong evidence that the “always on” rumor is true and Microsoft has made some strange statements regarding the fee for playing used games. Basically, it worries me as a consumer that Microsoft wont come out and either put this rumors to rest or say they are true, they just keep giving these ambiguous statements and making the confusion worse. Maybe I’m being too negative, but seeing as Microsoft’s marketing strategy is aimed at a general “living room” audience and sports fans and not gamers, I don’t have much hope.

Anyway, here’s hoping for a new outlook upon the arrival of E3. What do you all feel about this announcement? Are you hopeful or doubtful? Which next-gen console will you be picking up, if any? I’ll leave you will those questions and see you next week for some insights on my next game purchase: Fuse. See you all next week!



4 thoughts on “A Week In Gaming – Resident Evil: Revelations and The Xbox One”

  1. It’s so true, Microsoft just bombed that conference. I understand wanting to save games until E3, but at least reveal SOMETHING. A hint or a couple of games (if you have that many, what would one or two good reveals hurt?). I also saw the Sony stocks afterwards, it was a bit funny.

    However, I really like what Microsoft did reveal about the Xbox One, and I’m still hoping that the E3 games reveal will be good (and they aren’t being postponed because they’re bad or, like you said, all Kinect or something). The PS4 looks amazing as well. Can I just be super rich and get both right away? I wish that could happen… =)

    1. Getting both right away would be pretty cool! I had originally planned on getting a PS4 on release and an Xbox One early next year (after the holidays) but at this point they will need to convince me to get one at all. I don’t know, the whole television and kinect stuff doesn’t sell it for me since I don’t care for either of those.

      Let’s just hope E3 does them some good, it does feel bad to see them do so poorly considering I love my Xbox 360. Here’s hoping!

  2. No backwards compatibility bums me out, but at the same time…if there is a push that’s going to be made for digital, I’m glad it’s now and wish it was last gen. Not for the dumb DRM and used game blockage, but for the fact that, eventually, my library of games wasn’t going to convert over to the next gen. Maybe they could have made it work for this generation, but twenty years down the road, formats evolve and change, and to be able to have our games saved on transferable hard drives will be a good thing for maintaining our gaming library. With that said, I’ll be interested to see the software offerings at E3 – I’m not that interested in anything exclusive to next gen yet.

    1. I expected the lack of backwards capability and that didn’t bother me much. I agree that the push for all digital is cool thing, and it is too bad that it wasn’t done more this gen. I can tell they have been trying for it in the past 6 months or so but it’s too late for a lot of people with extensive game collections.

      I’m actually really interested in a the exclusives offered for the PS4 so far but nothing shown for the Xbox One has interested me yet. To be honest, anything short of Halo 5 would be a simple shrug for me as far as the Xbox One goes.

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