A Night of Power Rangers


Growing up, Power Rangers was my motivation. I watched every episode of Mighty Morphin’, collected (and destroyed) as many toys as possible, dressed up as several different colors, and fought not only my friends who had to borrow my costumes, but also those highly animated and dangerous trees in my backyard. Life as a kid was entertaining.

I was always a massive tomboy, and when the neighborhood kids and I got together to play some Power Rangers outside, it always ended up in a massive argument… because I didn’t want to be the pink or yellow ranger. I wanted to be the first female red ranger (before it actually happened in the series). And when that didn’t work out, I always slipped on my white ranger costume and caused some chaos against invisible baddies.

Power Rangers even released some video games, the first ones more boring than anything else, but Power Ranger the Movie… The Game is a game I wish I still had. The Sega version, not Super Nintendo. Ivan Ooze gave me the heebie jeebies! And does anyone else remember the Ivan Ooze silly putty that was sold? I ended up dropping it on the ground…

But what’s even more exciting now is the fact that Power Rangers Super Megaforce will be having the super ultra-cool all-rangers battle this year. What’s even better is the fact that they’ve already started filming. Here’s a photo I saw yesterday on Twitter. See who you can pick out in the background.


To all of the Power Rangers fans, who were your favorite rangers? And if you could be any color/season ranger, which one would you be?


6 thoughts on “A Night of Power Rangers”

  1. Blue Ranger all the way, at least during the MMPR era. Any more info on when this special, superawesome PR episode will air this year? Can’t wait to see Jason David Frank back as the green Ranger! 😀

    1. I’m not sure when it will air, but I’ll definitely be screaming about it on Twitter when I find out! I always liked the blue ranger too (just because that’s my fave color), but I started to hate the fact that they always made the blue ranger the “right hand” of the red ranger. Especially considering they were always played by people that didn’t really carry any leadership qualities.

  2. Back then it was the Pink Ranger for me. I had to fight over the chance to play her with my best friend, but of course other kids thought I should be the Yellow Ranger because she’s Asian and it’s only fitting as the other Asian kid to be her. Regardless, I have fond memories of the Power Rangers. I think every kid played together and pretended to be any one of these Rangers!

    1. If there is a kid that DIDN’T pretend to be a Power Ranger… then they were incredibly deprived. Everyone always wanted me to be the pink ranger because I was small and blonde. It’s better to be a rebel and break those barriers!

  3. I used to pretend the antennae on my house was the huge monster, but in my pretend version, i wasn’t one ranger – I was all of the Rangers and the Megazord. Neighbors would drive by and shake their head.

  4. I remember always wanting to be the Pink Ranger, but so did all the other girls. Basically, in our little play group, there were like 4 Pink Rangers and 3 Red Rangers. A White or Green ranger was there on occasion though.

    No one really wanted to be any other colors and after arguing for like 2 weeks and getting nothing done we decided we can all be whoever we wanted. Man, those were the days.

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