Don’t worry, guys: Bill Nye is here to tell you how Superman shaves

If you’re a Superman fan, you’re probably familiar with how tough every single part of his body is. Even his hair has superpowers, and I’m not just talking about how it manages to still look glorious even after flying around the world. I’m talking about even a single hair can hold up to a ton of weight. So this poses an interesting question: how in the hell is Superman so clean-shaven all the time?

Some might theorize that he just doesn’t grow facial hair, but not we’ve seen Supes with a full beard in the Man of Steel trailers. Does he have a special Krypton razor? Does he laser eyes the hair off? Does he breathe in and all of his hair recedes into his body? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET, CLARK?!

Luckily, Gillette wanted to solve this mystery once and for all, and they commissioned a series of YouTube videos with the likes of  Bill Nye the Science Guy, Adam and Jamie of MythbustersThe Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik, and filmmaker/fanboy Kevin Smith to try and shed some light on Superman’s shaving habits. Here’s Bill’s explanation:

Grinding? Sounds awfully painful to everyone but Superman. What Lois must think…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, guys: Bill Nye is here to tell you how Superman shaves”

  1. It’s fantasy. Anything goes. it doesn’t have to be scientifically explainable, ^_^

    For ex…. Superman easily turned the earth around. but looked like he was struggling too much to stop a speeding train on its tracks.

  2. I love Bill Nye. Like, LOVE him. He’s awesome. But we already have an established way that Superman shaves his beard; he uses his heat vision.

    I get that the whole competition is kind of in jest, but it just bugs me.

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