Something Stupid Sunday: Bad Gaming Fanfiction Ideas

In honor of Amazon’s willingness to go where no one else has gone and make fanfiction a possibly profitable endeavor, here are a few ideas for game-related fan fiction that should never be written:

Star Trick

A massively mesmerizing take on the typical space opera, where week after week pilots are killed outright while traversing null sec or mining in the wrong part of the galaxy means certain death, and if they don’t die, then plan on them being robbed in elaborate, seemingly impossible ponzi schemes.

Breaking Maverick

The story of a discarded reploid with an irreparably broken core who takes over the Maverick underworld, by selling his own unique version of the Sigma virus, at first for the well-being of his fellow factory-mates but eventually to serve his own ego.

Games With Thrones

The epic and dark tale of three would-be queens -Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, and Princess Daisy – battling for control of the Mushroom Throne using cunning, guile, and sex appeal.

Doctor Mario

Utilizing his NES to travel through the Nintendoverse, Doctor Mario is an enigmatic, seemingly unlicensed doctor with a penchant for rescuing his female companions or just saving the day with his brains, luck, or his sonic stethoscope.

Contribute your own in the comments below!


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