No Fees Attached – Greetings from Coruscant

“Dear mother,

How’s life there? I hope Dad isn’t still complaining about “them stupid Jedi’s snatchin’ ma boy”. Can’t do anything about a high amount of midichlorians, right? Plus, it’s not like I was of much use on the farm anyway.

I just wanted to tell you that I’m doing fine, considering the circumstances. I’m no longer a Padawan…yay! All it took to prove my worthiness was gathering a few holocrons, slaughter a few dozen Flesh Raiders and bring down a misguided Twi’lek who just wanted to save his people. I talked to the other Jedi about it, and things like these seem to be “Tuesday” around here. Whatever, I’m a true Jedi now, and that makes me a happy man!

On the downside, Master Yuon Par has fallen ill right after she made me a Jedi. Her colleagues on Tython can’t help her, so Qyzen Fess and I have made our way to Coruscant to find a cure. Who’s Qyzen? Well, that’s quite a story, but the gist of it is that he is a Trandoshan who thinks I’m the herald of his deity. Oh, you don’t know what a Trandoshan is. Well, in a nutshell: a reptile-dude that kills in honor of his god. He’s nice though, and he makes one hell of a soufflé. 

Anyway, that’s all the time I got for now. Qyzen and I are heading into the bad districts of Coruscants now, to find another set of holocrons. What is it with Jedi and losing their fancy, external hard drives? Tell Dad I’ll be back to help him with the harvest in spring. I bet that my Force powers will make pulling crops out of the ground a lot easier.

With love,


Heya folks, welcome back to the next installment of No Fees Attached, where I play an F2P game you chose, and then come here on GFN to complain about how horrible it is. At least, that was my plan when you guys sent me into SWTOR, thinking that once my XP gain would drop and I could only run instances a certain number of times each week I would start to hate the game, but guess what…I don’t! Actually, I’m really enjoying my stay so far, and so you will be given the choice to extend my stay or try to send me into a title that I will despise. But more on that later, let’s dive into what I liked and didn’t like during this week’s activity in Star Wars: The Old Republic

As the little letter above indicates, I have made it to Coruscant, continuing the story of my chubby Consular. It’s a nice story, but I have to admit that it isn’t as cool as I hoped for (so far, at least). Still, playing the Consular is fun. I went for the Sage advanced class, focusing on the healing aspect of it. The reason for that? Well, let’s just call it the “once a healer, always a healer”-syndrome. I try to play a damage-dealer in every MMORPG, but I always fail. I guess I just love green numbers more than red ones…

swtor three eyes alien star wars
What do you need three eyes for?!

Another reason to be a healer was my urge to do group content. Everyone knows that in an MMORPG that uses a group finder to assemble a team, you’ll get way faster into a dungeon when you’re either a tank or a healer, so it came of no surprise to me when I entered my first run of the Esseles “Flashpoint” just a minute after entering the queue. While mechanically Flashpoints do not differ from the classic dungeon runs, it’s nice to see the group dialogue options in action. Basically, when in a conversation with an NPC while in a group, all group members roll a virtual die after picking their conversation option. The player with the highest roll gets the word. Luckily, you do not get Light Side or Dark Side points for choices you didn’t make, but your group has to live with the consequences caused by them.

Running Flashpoints and continuing my story was pleasant, but I have to admit that it didn’t feel all that different from other MMORPG’s. Sure, actually talking with the guys that give you missions and send you out to fetch them five Rancor claws is nice, but often it just feels like a forced obstacle you have to pass before you get your quest. Sure, I want good dialogue in the main storyline, but why must I talk to every dude for every stupid fetch-quest? My space bar has been running long hours, skipping dialogue quite often.

The unnecessary talks with marginal characters is a just a minor annoyance, compared to the binary system of Light and Dark Side points. I know, the whole thing is a shtick of the Star Wars setting and every game that takes place in it, but the way it is integrated in this game is so…predictable. Nine out of ten Dark Side dialogue options make you a cruel douche who would murder puppies if he could, while the Light Side options make my character look like an angelic Mother Theresa with a lightsaber. There are almost no shades of grey in between these, and that makes it at least for me really bland and unattractive to choose either when it comes down to it. That’s really disappointing when you know that the minds of BioWare have been writing these options…

So that’s the good and bad of this week. You might wonder why I didn’t say anything about the F2P limitations. Well, there’s a simple reason for that: against all my expectations, the limitations are still not bother me. Sure, it sucks I have to wait a few more levels for my speeder and that it takes somewhat longer to level, but it doesn’t feel like my experience has been heavily influenced by it. Things can still change though, if you guys let me stay longer.

That’s right, this is the point where the voting takes place again. Having read all this, you are once again in charge of my fate: will I stay even longer in SWTOR, or should I dive into another game to tell you about it here on GFN? Maybe you want me to stay, but think I should check out the Sith Empire. That’s an option as well! In case you want me to stay, I will enhance my experience by getting the Preferred status, to see how much of a difference it makes. The poll’s open, so go ahead and vote below!



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