Xbox One $500 Price Tag – The Last Straw

Yes. Straight from E3, The Xbox One is 500 dollars.

Many have immediately vented their anger at Microsoft for the crazy price tag. A smaller amount have been quick to point out that it’s still 100 dollars cheaper than the PS3 was when it was announced.

Considering the potential of the pure hardware, maybe 500 dollars is a fair tag. But here’s my problem with Microsoft – they continue to demonstrate they have no idea what their audience wants, and have continued to fail time after time at gauging the pulse of their consumer base.

500 dollars, for a base that has shown nothing but excitement for your console, is probably fine. 500 dollars for a base that has derided, mocked, and complained (mostly justifiably), is suicide.

Considering fan reaction to this point, something had to give to sell gamers on Xbox One. People don’t like the DRM, they don’t like the required connection, and they don’t appreciate the used game policy, among other things. The game announcements of the afternoon, including Halo and Killer Instinct, seemed to build a bit of momentum for Microsoft, which they then promptly killed by announcing the price tag.

That’s what bother me more than anything – for a company that I trust in, and feel like they’re doing what’s in my best interest as a consumer, I’d totally drop 500 dollars (though it would hurt a little) for a new console. But I can’t support a company that has just seemed to completely lose touch with everything that makes this industry so great. The Xbox One has seemed to manifest everything that we as gamers were afraid of coming into the new generation, and for the first time, it really does seem like it’s Sony’s chance to bury Microsoft.

If the PS4 is 500 or more, then I just give up.


6 thoughts on “Xbox One $500 Price Tag – The Last Straw”

  1. This is nutters, I realized they are trying to replace “everything” in your entertainment center but that is not what I want. I want a revolutionary gaming console for a fair price.

    1. You’re totally right. If people were clamoring for it, saying “Man, I REALLY wish I had an all-in-one focal point for my entertainment center,” then yes, this makes sense. But that’s not the market at all! We have our reliable Blu Ray players, or Dish TVs, or streaming services through current consoles. We don’t need it, and yet that’s what’s being shoved down our throats.

      1. I will tell anyone right now that if PS4 call $400, which is an OK price, they will crush Xbox One. But then they are getting back to they way they started and made a console for developers. The result will be lots of great indy games and mainline games.

      2. Exactly. It’s how they became so dominant in the first place, and I’m glad to see they’re getting back on track.

  2. I will be shocked if the ps4 isn’t well over $500. Sony always releases at the highest price point they think they can get away with. I’m expecting about $599.

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