Nintendo E3 Conference: Beats Microsoft, Loses to PS4

Nintendo’s E3 Conference was good, not great. Unfortunately, it needed to be great.

I won’t lie, the Smash Bros. announcement was by far the thing that excited me the most in the entire conference. When Mega Man was revealed on the roster, complete with a variety of move augmentations and his classic Mega Man 2 music, I did an awkward sort of clapping motion to communicate my pleasure. However, aside from a couple of other exciting updates and announcements (Mario 3D Land is one of my favorite 3DS games, so I’m pretty stoked for 3D World), there wasn’t a whole lot here to justify an adoption of the Wii U…yet.

And that’s the entire problem. Nintendo continues to squander its lead, and now, arguably, already has less momentum going for it than the PS4. With worse graphics and less basic functionality (such as no blu-ray or even DVD player), Nintendo needed to use its lead to establish itself in living rooms. It hasn’t done that yet. While the lower price point is certainly nice, there hasn’t really been a big reason to invest in one yet.

Now, come 2014, when all the heavy hitters start getting released, it will be a different story. But I walked into today thinking that the PS4 will be the only next gen system I purchase this year, and I leave the same way.

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