Episode 14.5 – Incoductic Meets E3


Help! Someone save me!

Hi everybody! It’s your Resident Webgozer Marc Applefeld here. Joshua and Sam have tied me to a chair while they head off to E3 and to get rest respectively, and told me I’m not allowed to leave until I upload the episode! Rude! So here it is, short and sweet. The two of them apologize for being so swamped this week. Joshua explains it all, and Sam sets up the awesome Sloth Love Incoductic t-shirt giveaway. See you all next week!

Special thanks to Jonathan Bautista (@jbautista32) for the awesome soundboard of Joshua and Sam, and Hannah (@HSlamma) for the Geek Force Network clip at the end. You guys rock! And as always, please check out the other awesomeness at Geek Force Network (@GeekForceNet)

Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions and questions!

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