So Nintendo, you want me to buy a Wii U…

Nintendo, I should have been the first in line to get a Wii U. I’ve been playing your games since the beginning …hell, even before the beginning with my favorite Game & Watch. I’ve gotten to know Mario well over the years. Okay…maybe he’s not my closest friend, but we could easily hang. I’ve loyally given up many, many, many hours to your systems, from the NES to the Wii and DS. I should have been standing with the heady crowds awaiting the Wii U’s arrival last November. I should have been cheering your cause from the streets to the mountaintops. I should have been overdosing on the Wii U during my holiday break. But I wasn’t, I wasn’t, and I didn’t. Instead, I was just sad and confused over your new little contraption.  What happened? Why didn’t me and U connect?

1. Bad timing.
Though surely unintentional, you released the Wii U just a couple months after our PS3 died. Getting a new PS3 was never in question. Our PS library is among our strongest and we couldn’t just allow it to gather dust. So our $300 was already spent well before the Wii U hit the market.

2. Bad advertising
Look…I know this’ll probably sound a little stupid, but I just didn’t understand the Wii U. When I first saw the device out of context , I thought it was a Wii peripheral. Then, when I saw its commercials, I thought it was a handheld system. Even after listening to some great reviews about the system and having the proper info on the device, it still didn’t feel like something I needed.

3. Bad launch titles
And allow me to clarify that I mean “bad” in terms of my own interests. Which games really caught my eye at launch other than New Super Mario Bros. U? Uh…um… That’s right. None of them. Sorry. Maybe I just wasn’t that informed. Maybe I couldn’t see the gaming trees in the Mario forest. Maybe I didn’t understand the link between the unique controller and its games. Or maybe I’m just too hard to impress.

So on with the holidays and the new year I went. Meanwhile, you decided to give the Wii U more press and more games. I responded by watching a number of Let’s Plays that featured the device. I read and listened to reviews about it. I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, I should get in on the magic. But that price point…oh, that $300+ price tag AND the price of a new set of games…I couldn’t swallow it. Too much, and for what? Yet another Mario game?

So then along comes E3. Though you don’t have a press conference lined up, me, my cynical self, and I tune into the latest Nintendo Direct. And…well, well, well…what do we have here now? Hard to argue with those remade Zelda games. And Super Mario 3D World…with cat Mario!? Damn, you hooked me there. New Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. Rayman…Luigi…Yoshi…Bayonetta?! High heels AND pipe dreams??! Okay, OKAY…stop!  Just quit it already. You really WANT me to buy a Wii U! I get it. Please stop with all the giddiness and fun and gun shoes. Please.

The cute is just oozing out of my eyes. Also, I’m gonna need a Toad-cat plushie. (source)

Look Nintendo, I’m not an unreasonable person, and we’re not planning on buying the next gen straight outta the gates. But the only way your gonna get me to buy a Wii U tomorrow is if the price drops to $50. So I’ll tell you what…this holiday season, if you give me a bundle and a significant price cut on the Wii U base model, I’ll seriously consider buying. How about Super Mario 3D World and DKC: Tropical Freeze together with a $199 8GB model? That’s fair, right? Hmmm…too greedy? Well, you mull it over and my wallet and I will check back in a few months.


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17 thoughts on “So Nintendo, you want me to buy a Wii U…”

  1. I’ve been feeling like this about Nintendo for a long time. A part of me wants a Wii U but another part asks “why?”. There are only a few games that I would be interested in, and even those aren’t really grabbing me yet. I guess the only reason I would want one or have ever wanted one was for The Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo is bleeding out, they need to patch that wound or just give it up.

    1. Yeah. I feel like Nintendo has been slowly killing my Nintendo-love for awhile now. There’s just not much there to capture much attention these days. Even with the spangly fun games coming out for the Wii U, it’s still a hard sell. I know people have compared Nintendo to the “too big” or “too rich” to fail scenarios. I don’t see the company dying out, but it’s gonna have to do something big (not the Wii U) as its once-core fan base ages and moves on.

  2. I love this post! Too funny. I’m still not jumping on the Wii U bandwagon. I know I’m behind on all the classic games that everyone else has grown up on, but like Lady said, there’s really not much in the way of games I want to purchase. Already my Wii is sorely neglected thanks to the Xbox and the portable handheld devices I have. I also rather spend most of my money buying more Xbox games, more 3DS games (and a few DS games), and of course the few Wii games I’ve been wanting to get but haven’t gotten around to getting yet. The Wii U just doesn’t have the, “Shut up and take my money!” vibe at all.

    1. There are days when I wish I had just upgraded to a 3DS rather than just calling it quits with the DS. Looking back on its catalog now, there are so many great 3DS titles that I’ve missed out on. You don’t see me saying that about the Wii U — you’re right — there’s no “must have” factor there. And if it wasn’t for my attempt to revisit the recent Metroid series, our Wii would have been traded in months ago. I really don’t want to become Nintendo-less; so Nintendo, throw me a bone or something here!

  3. A price drop would definitely help, I agree. It feels like a superfluous console to me, but if it can get some more cool game exclusives, I would be interested. Already I’m borrowing my mom’s Wii to play The Last Story, etc. I just feel like both the Wii and Wii U are a little slow to gain steam, for some reason. (I mean, the Wii had all that awesome bowling and stuff, but in terms of video games…)

    Also, I wonder if they’d named it something other than Wii U, if it would have taken off more. Because I was initially a little confused about what it was, like you said. Was it an addition to the original Wii? I had all these questions and the too-similar name made it more confusing in a way.

    1. That would have been a great idea — call it something other than the “Wii U!” Indeed, that name does very little to help set it apart from the Wii.

      The Wii, heck, Nintendo consoles in general, were never graphical powerhouses. They pretty much relied on fan favorites and generally entertaining games to hook people. But now, with so much emphasis on eye-popping graphics, the Wii, and even the Wii U, are bound to fall out of step. I mean, Wind Waker HD does look really nice, but it doesn’t look all that much different from the original. Maybe they have to turn more to realism in their games to step it up, but … I don’t know. Even that hasn’t fared well for them in the past.

  4. I felt the exact same way . . . until I saw trailers for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. LITERALLY, I will buy one now because of that game. And eventually they’ll get more Mario and Zelda and Metroid titles and it’ll be . . . marginally worth it, just for that nostalgia kick. Wish Nintendo would come out with some epic IP like the IP of yore (e.g. the ones mentioned above).

    1. Something really, really, really new from Nintendo would be so refreshing. I won’t lie, I was impressed by Bayonetta 2 — that was probably the closest I’ve come in a long time to being slightly awed by a game for a Nintendo system. And Tropical Freeze! Yes and YES! But you’re right, so much of what Nintendo offers come down to nostalgia. That “you liked it them so you’re gonna love it now!” idea doesn’t hold much weight when compared to brand new IPs on other systems. Maybe Nintendo has an ace up its sleeve somewhere. …maybe…

    2. Totally with you on this. I didn’t give two craps about Wii U until I heard about DKC: Tropical Freeze. SOLD! Give it to me, straight into the veins! I’ve purchased and repurchased the previous DKC titles so many times that that buying a whole console for a new one doesn’t seem like much. Haha.

      1. See, that’s the kind of loyalty Nintendo really has going for it! I mean, the love people have for Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers alone could carry the console. It’s been ages since I’ve played a DKC game, and this new one looks really fun. It’ll be really interesting to see if/how the Wii U fares once the Xbox One and PS4 are released.

  5. Reblogged this on Recollections of Play and commented:

    Over on the Geek Force Network, I recently pondered the Wii U, the possibilities of me actually getting one, and the reasons why I haven’t. Despite a few fun things that Nintendo showed during E3, I’m still not convinced…yet.

  6. Part of me wishes Nintendo would go software-only like Sega did. Because Nintendo consoles lately (both Wii and Wii U) can’t compare to their brethren (Sony and Microsoft consoles) in terms of sheer power, they can’t secure any good multiplatform games. If Wii U was as powerful as PS4 and Xbox One and had the same multiplatform titles, I would choose it over the other two. It’s all about the exclusives.

    However, Wii U is only marginally more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360, so the only worthwhile games on Wii U will be developed or published by Nintendo. So that’s why I’d like to see them go software-only. They make amazing games, but lately their consoles haven’t really impressed me.

    1. You make a good point. Sega’s done pretty well for itself. I can’t imagine Nintendo would ever give up on its consoles, but who knows? It’s sad that the Wii U just doesn’t speak to me as much as Nintendo’s older consoles. I’m even meh about the Wii, except when it comes its Shop and Virtual Console.

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