$60 dollar Xbox One games and I am disappoint

Microsoft has revealed they will be selling next generation, first party, Xbox One games at 60 dollars. Of course they did.

I originally read this article on IGN, where the person reporting qualified this story by saying this was “good news.” Maybe this is just a case of me getting my expectations too high, but to me, it’s honestly disappointing. I really was hoping that with all of the effort spent trying to implement DRM and impose limitation to fight piracy, they would throw the consumer a break, and the payoff would come with cheaper games. “Hey guys, THIS is the justification for fighting piracy!” they’d say as they made the announcement as they raised the console above their head and bald eagles flew American flags around the stage. This is the model that Steam employs, after all…the lower priced games, not the bald eagles…

I understand they have no actual reason to do this, from a business point of view, but it’s just another action that shows Microsoft is out of touch. Did they have to do lower the price? No, certainly not. But after audiences agreed that the PS4 dominated the Xbox One at E3, and that PS4′s are being pre-ordered at a two-to-one rate to the Xbox One, I keep thinking Microsoft is going to pull some play to swing  momentum back to their side. I’m like a dog that keeps asking to get kicked at this point.

I should probably give up holding out for Microsoft. I didn’t want to be converted. I love my 360. But it’s just not happening and I need to accept that.

3 thoughts on “$60 dollar Xbox One games and I am disappoint”

  1. When games go FULL digital, we may see a break. Until then, it’ll be $60 and we have to learn to like it.
    Better than the $80 I paid for Goldeneye back in the day!

  2. I know what you mean. I’m rooting for Microsoft so much, but they are not making it easy. Initially, I was interested in the media features of the Xbox One, but after the online and used game stuff, I’ll be getting a PS4 this time.

    However, the fact that PlayStation has made such a comeback after the PS3 makes me hopeful that Microsoft will also learn from mistakes and listen to consumers more next time around. Doesn’t exactly help with the pricing at the moment, but still.

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