Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 39 and 40

Greetings Internet! The factory is almost complete, and some major renovations take place. Our lovely little corner of the world is looking better than ever with functioning pipelines, operational machine walls and, of course, a pack of snarling wolves. Watch on!

Part 39…

…and Part 40!

4 thoughts on “Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 39 and 40”

    1. Thanks! Haha I’m glad you feel that way because we do talk about a lot of random crap for many hours on end! Also, I just realised that we’d posted episode 1 instead of episode 39, so you may have watched our first episode of Tekkit ever, which is cool although always a little embarrassing! 😛

      1. Haha, that’s awesome! If that was indeed your first episode, it was WAAAAY better than ours was!

      2. Haha now I want to go back and listen to your first episode! 😀 I’m sure it wasn’t that bad! Haha yeah as far first episodes go it was alright, nothing went terribly wrong, but we sound so… so green (although I know it wasn’t thaaat long ago)! Although to be honest, I think the main difference is that we’re not as polite with each other anymore and for better or worse our weirdness is coming through a lot more. 😛

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