Herobrine’s Mansion with the Afrow Jow Parts 2, 3 and 4!

OH GOD! THE DEATH! SO MUCH DEATH! Afrow Jow, Grumbl3dook and I embark on our epic quest (again), but this time on Hard Mode. As you can see, the results are… incredible! After an epic battle with the Skeleton King, Afrow Jow nets some neat headgear and we’re off into the dread mansion itself…  The adventure continues! Join Sam & Sam & Afrow Jow as they struggle their way through the labyrinth that is Herobrine’s mansion. Just watch your step! 

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/fromcassettes/Episode_34_-_1___Zeater.mp3]

This week, the boys talk about PAX Australia, DIVEKICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, capitalisation, efficient shower use, peeing on anime girls, overly big phone cameras and the most messed up comedian you will ever see.

INTRO MUSIC – “Punish Me With Kisses” by The Glove

Thanks to Umphrey’s McGee for the use of their song “Miami Virtue” to close the show out with 🙂

When A Blank Page Is The Scariest Thing A Writer Can Face


Writing is in my blood. Whether I’m typing on a keyboard or writing with a pen, I always feel this driving urge to express what I want to say. It’s both therapeutic and a way to bring your imagination to life through words. I find writing an essential part of my life, just like the air I breathe.

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It’s our first Giveaway! Win 6 Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you’re well aware of our current obsession with Tokidoki’s Marvel Frenzies. They’re cool, they’re small and we’re desperately trying to collect them all before they are gone for good.

Of course, we don’t get the ones we need all the time, which has left us with a lot of double and even triples. But instead of letting these little guys sit on a shelf somewhere, we wanted to give them away to a good home in our very first giveaway!

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The winner of the giveaway will get 6 awesome Frenzies: The Vision, Doc Ock, The Punisher, Invisible Woman, The Thing and Mr. Fantastic! 

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Head over to the Wrong Button blog to enter! 

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Mass Effect/Dragon Age Concept Art: Character Representation


I posted an article on PhoenixDown that showcased some of the first concept art that contained cut ideas from the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age 2. The “what-ifs” went insane. Particularly while I looked at the visual ideas of how Tali should look beneath her mask as well as the first unsuccessful communication between writers and artists about Merrill’s appearance. It really made me wonder just how different these beloved games could have been, but it also made me think of some deeper questions. What do we find aesthetically pleasing in characters? I first asked myself this after seeing Tali’s concept images. How would we have reacted if one of those had been used, especially if Tali had actually been unmasked in the 3rd game? Would her voice match our assumptions? Would our feelings change toward her if she didn’t carry the “pleasing” qualities that normally make alien characters like the asari beautiful?

I can’t honestly answer that question. And that makes me question my own preferences toward what I find “pretty” or “beautiful” in characters. Is it possible that I wouldn’t find Tali pretty enough if she had been fitted with this image? Would my Shepard still love her if they had previously initiated a romantic relationship? Or is it simply impossible to develop an actual answer toward a picture that only shows a glimpse of “what if”?


But I guess the opposite could be the same. What if Tali was actually a bombshell?! How would her voice and personality accompany this sudden realization? Would I be able to actually accept the connection between them? Or what if Tali was just something… unexpected? Not necessarily frightening or unpleasing, but something you just couldn’t possibly imagine while listening to her prattle along about engineering beneath her mask? It’s difficult to answer because I adore Tali’s character. I love the challenges she faces beneath her protective gear, knowing that just one foreign particle outside of her suit could potentially kill her. I love the tension her predicament creates when she realizes that she truly wants to be with Shepard romantically (if that’s the route you took in the game).




It’s so strange knowing that these tiny details in the span of such massive games could have potentially changed the way we looked at our favorite characters. When I first saw Merrill’s images, I was shocked… and a little bit terrified. Matt Rhodes, the BioWare artist that posted the early concept art on his blog, wrote about the challenges and communication that occurs between writers and artists.

“Designing Merrill was a great exercise in Writing and Concept Art learning to speak one another’s language. In her early descriptions I picked up heavily on her willful dabbling with blood magic. On paper she was scary, so early drawings reflected that. After the writers understandably freaked a little, it was explained how those more deadly aspects of her curiosity would unfold and we reined her in a great deal.”

Merrill could have been one freaky blood mage… definitely not someone Isabela would call a kitten, and certainly not a character I could babble about. Merrill is supposed to be cute! Her danger is supposed to stem from her inexperience and endless curiosity, as well as the desperation to reinvigorate something as mysterious and dangerous as the Eluvian. She is meant to be the character you say “yes” to when you should definitely say “no,” and that’s what makes her character so riveting to me.



The Future of Tomb Raider Through the Eyes of a Fan


A new Tomb Raider comic book series was announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic con. Written by famous comic book scribe Gail Simone and published by Dark Horse comics, this series will involve the newly rebooted Lara Croft and take place directly after this years video game release, following the newly established cannon. Are you getting this? A new Tomb Raider comic book series with ridiculous talent behind it is incoming! Fans rejoice!

Wait, there’s more. This comic book series announcement was extra special for fans because it was two-fold: Not only is a comic book series involving the new Tomb Raider cannon coming out, it will be leading directly into a video game sequel. That’s right – a SEQUEL. Acting as a bridge between the newest Tomb Raider game and its upcoming sequel, this comic book will (I assume) lay the groundwork between the games and get us all ready for a brand new adventure with Lara Croft! The comic book series is said to be coming out in February 2014, the video game sequel has not been officially revealed and does not have any kind of release date or further information.


My first thought was “no way” when a friend of mine brought this to my attention. I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I’ve been a huge Tomb Raider fan since the first game’s release back in 1996. I have always been drawn to the games and their famous heroine, and I assume I always will be. When the reboot came out earlier this year I was ecstatic. It was a great game and a fantastic new way to portray Lara Croft. I’m really excited about a comic book series, but I’m even more excited about the reveal of a planned video game sequel. I was worried there may not be one due to Square Enix’s reports on low profitability and poor sales.

One of the cooler things about all of this is that Gail Simone is a gamer herself, and has said that she loves classic Lara Croft and that this opportunity is compelling to her. That’s very cool. I feel like the best comic books are written by people who like the universe and characters they are writing about, which is obvious. I mean we all know that writing/talking about things we like is much more informative and fun than talking about stuff we don’t really care about. I can’t wait to hear more information about this series and the video game sequel, I love to know what Lara has been up to since her adventure in the Dragon’s Triangle. It feels great to be a Tomb Raider fan right now!

Game Sammich Episode 27 – Two snaps and a re-wind


Watch us record episode 27 of Game Sammich LIVE at 6:30pm PST below. If you’d like to chat live with us while we record, head over here, or connect directly via irc to irc.mibbit.net, in the #GameSammich channel.

Bert moved, he’s currently waiting to unlock the internet achievement at the new place.  Dan Gardner will be guesting again in his place.  Kevin has Kid aggro tonight, Brad is playing with his “Ouya” furiously, and Errn downloaded the next level of lighting for her gaming area.

So….Chromecast hit the shelves and sold out in a couple days.  Good luck with those back-orders people because they already axed the Netflix deal that came with it.  Guess they didn’t expect the expected?  Microsoft finally hops on the Indi-self-publishing wagon for the Xbone.  World of Warcraft sub tanking finally hits a plateau (who cares), and Nvidia needs to get their poop in a group because their latest drivers are making people rage.


  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Payday 2
  • Tomb Raider
  • Defiance
  • Starcraft 2
  • LoL
  • Mass Effect 3

We’ll be giving away a Beta invite for Payday 2 during the live cast if you’re in chat.  This will be a good one for you oldie moldie movie buffs.

Come CHAAAAAAT live for a better erkspurrriense.

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