Call of Duty – MLG Anaheim & Nostalgia


I haven’t played Call of Duty in months. So when MLG Anaheim rolled around, I wasn’t too particularly interested in it… until the event consumed my weekend, and then I remembered just how much fun watching competitive Call of Duty was. I missed playing, especially in a competitive scene, and while Call of Duty may be a game susceptible to more and more criticism as more titles are released, it will always be a series that I love. At least when it comes to nostalgia.

I didn’t really wade into a more competitive atmosphere until Modern Warfare 2 dropped. It was around the same time that I began making YouTube commentaries to improve my speech. Search and Destroy was the game to play, and I loved overpowering other parties with my own established team. But I didn’t discover MLG until Black Ops, and my interest blossomed.


I did a dual commentary with OpTic during this time which really introduced me to the people behind the green, and they quickly became a favorite in tournaments. I turned into the stereotypical wannabe that wished to be in OpTic, and while that wish has dimmed a bit (I grew up), it’s still something that fuels my interest in the game. Maybe that is why competitive Call of Duty is just so appealing to me. Everyone can do it, but it still takes skill and communication to be the best.


MLG Anaheim was amazing to watch, and the teams that played definitely did not disappoint! Congrats to Complexity who took the ultimate win over Impact. The excitement and energy of this event was amazing!


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