Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 41 and 42

Burning coal is for children – adults play with lava! Now that our fancy new factory is semi-operational we need to see about upgrading our powersource. Crafting, fighting and more in the hunt to the key ingredient to our geothermal powerhouse: the humble and elusive cactus!

Balance has finally returned as I finally find some wolves to call my own, which means that I can return with renewed effort to my favourite pastime: annoying Grumbl3dook. Will he be able to take it? Also, we get more more done on our geothermal generators. Seems like we’re on fire (hopefully not literally)!

Episode 17 – And Sam Ran… She Ran so Far Away.


I walked along the avenue. Never thought I’d hear a show like yoooouuuu.

Sam returns from her captivity in various basements across the East Coast, more discussion about the NSA and their hunt for terribly translated Google Voicemails, the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Joshua kicks off “The Month of Agent M”, new ads, a shiny new Amazon gaming deal that bodes well for everyone, blog talk and finally, we announce the winner of the $100 gift card giveaway and Joshua continues to hold on to E3 swag awesomeness that’s just ITCHING to be given away? How and when, you ask? Keep listening!

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Episode 30 – Cats Vomiting in Separate Rooms


So, we decided to record over Skype this week as a bit of an experiment. This week we talk about drunken YouTube clips, monorails, Sydney, R-ratings and THE NINETIES BUTTON!

Apologies for fluctuating volume other associated issues with Skype, we did the best we could but the source material was buggy.

INTRO MUSIC – “Lazy Calm” by Cocteau Twins

Thanks to Umphrey’s McGee for their kind use of the song “Miami Virtue” for the outro. THEY’RE ON TOUR NOW! GO SEE THEM! THEY’RE GREAT!