Top 7 Most Annoying Video Game Characters

It takes a lot for a fictional character to truly irritate me, and even more for me to actually put them on a list because of that irritation. These seven characters have annoyed me to no end and made the games they are associated with stick out in a negative way in my mind. In all honesty, this list is meant to be a little fun, I don’t necessarily hate these characters I just find them annoying. Some of them are comically annoying while others are just plain irritating.

I have decided not to order these from least to most annoying so they are really in no particular order as they are all equally irritating. By the way, there are a few spoilers involved in my descriptions, if you haven’t played the game involved with the character then read at your own risk.

Jessica Sherawat (Resident Evil: Revelations)


Not only is Jessica an annoying character personality-wise, she is also the most obnoxiously dressed character in the Resident Evil series. I mean come on, what is the point of that wetsuit with one leg missing and why is her hair kind of hanging out of that cap? On top of that, the wetsuit seen above comes equipped with high heel boots. It’s more than pointless, it’s annoying. Jessica spends most of the time flirting with Chris Redfield (to no avail) and betraying her friends. Otherwise, she is just typical eye-candy, though to be honest her annoying nature makes her sex appeal worthless. To sum it up, one of her quotes happens to be “Me and my sweet ass are on the way!”

Navi (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


What would an annoying character list be without good ol’ Navi? The little fairy get’s a lot of negativity since pretty much everyone hates her and honestly I feel like she deserves it. I imagine myself in the Water Temple, finding my way around and trying not to get lost, when all of a sudden “HEY LISTEN!!” I think “ok Navi, tell me what to do” and what pops up is “This is the Water Temple! There is water here.” Good. While that isn’t an exact quote, it shows just how pointless what she is usually trying to say is. Navi always says something I either already figured out or something that is common sense. You’d think having a neat looking fairy friend would be awesome, but alas it is just plain annoying.

Oerba Dia Vanille (Final Fantasy 13)


The only character more annoying than Snow in Final Fantasy 13 was none other than Vanille. My beef with her is layered. Not only is she just flat-out annoying with her cheery, uncalled for comments and high-pitched voice, but I find her character in general to be an annoyance. I don’t really get why she was even there other than for Fang to have some kind of story that gave her emotion. She just pranced around and said stupid things the whole time. Speaking of prancing, even her walk was irritating! I didn’t know a person could walk and shake their ass that much, I thought it was impossible. All in all, Final Fantasy 13 had a handful of irritating characters, but I found Vanille to be the absolute worst.

Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)


Ashley is just the worst. I can’t even being to tell you about how annoying she truly is. Hate escort missions? How about a whole game that is one big escort mission? Did I mention that the person in need of an escort is the most worthless person ever and will always get captured by the enemy? She will also get in your way often, resulting in you shooting her and with her dead you get a “game over” screen. Well if you like all of that, Resident Evil 4 is your game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game, but Ashley’s presence was mindbogglingly annoying. Everything about her makes me mad, from the way she acts to the way she walks and everything in between. I must say, the parts of the game in which her stupidity got her captured and Leon was able to stroll about alone where the best parts, hands down.

The Council (Mass Effect Series)


The Council is one group made up of 3-4 people who will drive you crazy while playing through the Mass Effect series. In the first game you try to warn them that a rogue spectre is using a Reaper (a massive death bot) as an ally against the galaxy, The Council’s response? “Nah.” In the second game you tell them that there is a Reaper threat and that they are abducting human colonists and killing tons of people, The Council’s response? “Meh.” In the third game you tell them that the Reapers are attacking Earth and other planets, killing billions overall, and their response? “Well… Ok, but we can’t help you.” WTF! They are the stupidest group of idiots in the galaxy and they make all the major decisions for everyone. Why? Because. That’s why.

The Owl (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


Another annoyance from Ocarina of Time – The Owl. This guy pops up at specific times to tell you about the journey you are about to embark upon, and on occasion he is helpful as far as storyline goes, but then – it happens. He has been talking for what feels like 4 hours and you finally get to the end of his spiel. At this point you are mashing the A button to get through his garbage then he asks “Did you get all that?” so you mash it one more time without reading. You have just pressed “No” and are forced to read all his crap again. You mash through it again and get to the end and before you can stop yourself from mashing you press “No” a second time. This may go on forever depending on the player, but I must say that it was the most annoying thing ever in anything that has ever existed. Little 10-year-old me did not have the time for that.

Ellie Langford (Dead Space 2 and 3)


Ellie’s character makes me sad and annoyed at the same time. The sad part is that she doesn’t start off being annoying. In Dead Space 2 she is actually a pretty cool character who is fully capable of protecting herself and even loses an eye (she got stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver) and keeps going. The annoying part is that by the time the third game rolls around she is a grade A drama queen. At first she is angry at Isaac for not caring enough about her, then she fall back in love with him, then Isaac kills her traitorous boyfriend, then she is mad again, then she dies, then she comes back and leaves Isaac, and then the game is over. It’s makes me think “My GOD! Why is this even happening right now?” I loved that she and Isaac had a thing going on, but by the end of Dead Space 3 I am just so done with that romance and her and anything involving the two of them.


That’s my list of annoying character for you, what are some of yours? The weird thing about annoying characters is that not all of them annoy everyone the same way. For example, I saw about 3 lists of annoying characters from random websites that had Elena Fisher (Uncharted Series) in their top 5. I loved Elena so it was weird to see her listed as most annoying, just as I’m sure there is someone out there who will see Ashley on my list and think “Oh man! She was AWESOME!” (Just kidding, no one has ever said that about Ashley) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my list and I look forward to hearing what some of your most annoying characters are!



15 thoughts on “Top 7 Most Annoying Video Game Characters”

  1. I love this list. When I saw the featured image, I was thinking Nooooo not Claptrap! Because he is annoying, but that’s part of why I love him. =)

    I haven’t played all the games that made the list here, but I agree with every single one that I recognize. Also, it seems like Ashleys are just not the most well-liked characters, for some reason…

    1. Haha yea, I was going to add him in actually but I think he is purposefully annoying and that’s what makes him cool so I couldn’t hold it against him 🙂

      About the Ashleys, I agree. I almost added ME’s Ash but I rag on her too much as it is and the Council was a more interesting choice XD

  2. Ohhh Vanille’s voice. Gahhh. And she’s the narrator, too. I personally found Hope to be the most annoying in that game, although Snow is a close second. Love Lightning, though–at least there are other good characters in the game to make up for the annoying ones 🙂

    1. I agree, Hope and Snow were very annoying. I do love Lightning, her and Fang were really the only characters I liked. It’s too bad there were so many annoying ones though.

  3. I’m lucky because I haven’t met most of these characters.

    Bad voice actors can also annoy me. You might as well listen to fingernails scratch a chalkboard.

  4. I was very frustrated with the Council. There were times I wanted to throw my controller at the TV because everything that came out of their mouths was insane. How much more evidence does Shepard need to give you people? Of course it takes something bad to happen for them to finally listen. I haven’t finished Final Fantasy 13, but I did find Vanille annoying as I progressed further into the game. The things she did or said never made any sense to me. But I think I can tolerate Vanille over Hope. He was a brat even though I do feel bad about what happened to his mom.

    1. The Council drives me crazy too, it’s like you risk your life for evidence for them when all they have to do is look out the window and see the Reapers. Hope is annoying as well, but I think Vanille took the cake because on top of her annoying personality was an even more annoying voice. I found Snow to be next to unbearable as well.

  5. Aw I thought that Claptrap was going to be on this list. I thought he was funny for like the first five minutes of Borderlands but then he just did the exact same thing for the rest of the game and it really got on my tits, stupid robot. At least they give him a bit more personality in Borderlands 2, didn’t help much but it was better.

    1. Claptrap did annoy me but I took him off the list last minute because I felt like it was intentional. Not that it makes him any less annoying, but the rest of these weren’t meant to be annoying but rather just ended up that way. Though to be honest if the put Ashley in RE4 and thought “she’s awesome” then someone needs to be slapped.

  6. Well I’m glad you didn’t put Elena Fisher on your list because this comment would then be full of rage. RAGE!!! Elena is awesome. Anyway, these are good choices. I’ve definitely done the mashing thing and had the Owl jump into another spiel about whatever he was going on about… haha. I can definitely relate there. I’d probably pick Zeke or Nix from Infamous. Zeke is more annoying I guess though not as bad in 2 I suppose, but Nix is a worse character. I’m not sure if a character design should count towards someone’s annoying-ness, but Nix’s design is so bad it adds to her annoyance level for me. Fun blog!

    1. Elena is awesome! I have no idea why some people found her to be more annoying than Tingle from Majora’s Mask… I noticed a lot of people disliked Zeke and Nix. I partially agree on Zeke, he was annoying at times but he was still a true friend most of the time. Nix is hit or miss. I played as evil Cole and liked her for him, but I think I would hate her if I played as a good Cole XD

  7. Whew, my blood pressure rose just reading that list. If I made a list, Baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island would be at the top. I had planned on elaborating in a witting fashion about how annoying he is, but just the thought of him raises my blood pressure, so I’m just going to end it here.

    1. Haha I actually haven’t played Yoshi’s Island, but while looking at other annoying character lists for reference I saw him a whole lot. He must be just awful.

    2. There’s nothing quite like his crying as you’re watching the timer go down. He’s not so bad if he’s just riding. Maybe Yoshi should have let him be captured.

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