Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 43

Only one episode of SSTEQ  out this week, because Grumbl3dook was AFK. In this episode, Grumbl3dook turns into a dictator and in a twist of fate is attacked by wolves. Also Cheeese gets some new armour and we finally get our geothermal power plant set up (sort of). Also, don’t forget, a special guest is coming up soon!

Episode 18 – Barely Legal


As of this moment, listening to Incoductic now costs $1.99 a minute.

Hello again everyone! The countdown towards San Diego Comic-con 2013 is nearing its end for our intrepid duo and they couldn’t possibly be more hype… except maybe for Sam who has some not-so-happy news to break to the fans. On the up side, today they chat about upcoming releases, Joshua has a Kaiju meltdown and deals with excessive background noise and we take another shot at finding a winner for our $100 giveaway prize! Will it be you? Listen to find out!

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