Those blurred lines between art and “art”

Photo © Star Trak, LLC (source)
Photo © Star Trak, LLC (source)

I first heard Robin Thicke’s upbeat, groovy hit “Blurred Lines” a couple months ago. It showed up on our local alternative/dance radio station. I found the song catchy but not terribly memorable. (If I had known that this particular radio station was going to end up playing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” every few minutes, I might have thought otherwise.) I have exactly one Robin Thicke song on my iPod, and that’s only because it was suggested to me by a very good friend in who’s music taste I trust. I won’t lie, the song (“Rollacoasta”) is stupid but I like it. And it sums up well the jist of Thicke’s music.

Anyway, who cares about a 3-month-old Robin Thicke song? Well, I wouldn’t even bring him up if he hadn’t been mentioned in regards to a recent, teensy weensy news item concerning the formidable YouTube and Justin Timberlake. Earlier this week, Google lifted its brief ban on his apparently too-hot-for-the-Internet video “Tunnel Vision.” This bit of controversy somehow made national headlines, not because of the song, but because the video contain topless women. Not having heard the song, I of course headed to YouTube. (Warning: the video is NSFW.)

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