A Week In Gaming: Mass Effect

*Heads up! There are some Mass Effect spoilers in this post.*


I know what you’re thinking, “does this chick ever shut up about Mass Effect?” No. She doesn’t.

My first post here on GFN went over the first Mass Effect a little bit since I was streaming it at the time. This post will not be a rehash of that post, it’s more about my experience rather than the fact that I am streaming it, since I am no longer streaming it.

You see, I recently picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy for the PlayStation 3 (I previously owned all three on the Xbox 360) so I am replaying the series. I remade the character I brought through all three games previously, which was very fun. Her name is Elika Shepard and she is a spacer, a war hero, and a vanguard. Elika is also 100% paragon, not a single renegade point has been earned. I have saved Kaidan and let Ashley die on Virmire, I have chosen Liara as my romantic interest, and  I plan on saving the Council before defeating Saren. For me, this will be the perfect series playthrough.

This time around I am actually taking the time to do everything in the game, and I mean everything. Previously I have just done the main missions and very few side quests since I honestly just wanted to move on to Mass Effect 2, but I felt like it was important to complete more missions on this playthrough. I’m glad I’m going through it all to be honest since it really adds a lot to the game and furthers my understanding of the Mass Effect universe and it’s inhabitants. Sure, some of the side quests get pretty boring with their recycled environments and slight impact on the story, but overall it’s worth it.

Also, Mako.


A lot of things have been different for me this time around because of the time I have taken to complete more tasks. Not only have I learned more about the game universe, but even my interactions with my crew have been different. For instance, I was confronted by Liara and Kaidan together at one point since they were both unsure of who I had feelings for, which had never happened to me before. Wrex and Garrus asked for my help, which made two separate side missions available, and after helping them they grew more fond of me – This was entirely new for me. I’m glad that I can now said I have truly experienced Mass Effect. I really can’t wait to play Mass Effect 2 with open eyes and a welcoming heart so that I can see what I have missed. Though I don’t think I have missed much in Mass Effect 2 or 3 I’m sure there is something new to find – another reason why the Mass Effect series is so awesome.

I’m about to head to Ilos as I write this, I’d better head off and do that since the fate of the galaxy depends on it. I hope you enjoyed more of my ramblings about Mass Effect, see you all next week!