Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 44 and 45

In this episode, I prove that I’m in tune with the wolves (or crazy) and Grumbl3dook proves that he just doesn’t care. Also, despite the usual mishaps, we get the geothermal generator (almost) going and even find time to neaten up the underground dungeon/swimming pool.

What does interpretive dance have to do with Grumbl3dook? Watch to find out! Also, we finally get our geothermal power plant up and running!

Episode 19 – Con Men


And now for something completely different!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Comic-Con is here, and all that’s left is a long road trip, and waiting in lines. As Jessica joins Joshua on the trip to the Con, our Webgozer Marc joins Sam as a Guest Host for the podcast! With plenty of clips from Joshua and Jessica on their Con adventures, this episode includes Pacific Rim reviews, talks about a Star Wars themed race for charity, and plenty of randomness. Check it out

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