The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits Trailer


Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender were in for a pretty awesome treat as the Legend of Korra panel at San Diego Comic-Con revealed some awesome news for book two. No specific release date was given, however Book Two: Spirits will premiere some time in September. After seeing the trailer, I’m even more excited to delve deeper into the Avatar universe, as well as Korra’s own personal occurrences. And while I’m jealous that Comic-Con attendees got to see the first episode of Book Two, I’m relieved and hyped by the reactions.

It should definitely be a good season.

I’m mainly excited about Spirits simply for the fact that Korra isn’t a very spiritual person. It was easy to see Aang thrive and learn inside of the spirit world just for the fact that he was raised by monks, but Korra is a bit of a wild card and it’s nice to see an Avatar that doesn’t necessarily contain that “old” wisdom. How she reacts to the presence of spirits should be interesting, and I’m hoping that this season will focus on Korra finding her own spiritual way.

I have no doubt that book two will introduce some new qualities (and characters) inside of the Avatar mythos. The thing I enjoy the most about this show is the fact that the universe has so much potential. It’s rare to see such depth inside of a kid’s show, but Avatar truly introduces something more, and I look forward to exploring it. I haven’t watched all of book one yet, but to the ones who have, what do you think of Korra’s place inside of the Avatar universe, and is there anything specific you’re looking forward to seeing in book two?


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