Herobrine’s Mansion with Afrow Jow and SSTEQ 46 and 47

THE DAY IS FINALLY UPON US! Remember that special guest we’ve been hinting at since forever? Here he is – TheAfrowJow! This episode contains zombie eating, an unbelievable number of mishaps and a truly epic ending (I count that as a win)!

Check out his channel here:

Once again, Grumbl3dook worries about my state of mind while we’re on a hunt for lava. Instead we get a lot of cows, violence and even a little musical number. Also, Grumbl3dook finally reveals his secret base!

Blaze Rods! That’s what we need and no matter how deadly, fire-y and full of ghasts the nether is, we WILL find some!

Episode 20? Score!


Attack of the puns!

On this week’s episode, we have another guest co-host, none other than the awesome DJ Wonderdog joins Sam for recording, while Joshua and Jessica provide updates from Comic Con in the form of this month’s Incoductalk. Please note, the complete unabridged version of Incoductalk, due to length, is available here: SDCC Incoductalk. Don’t forget to right click -> Save As to keep it for yourself! Skip to around 14:30 if you already listened to the partial version in the episode!

Show notes:

This Week’s “What’s in My Head?”

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