When A Blank Page Is The Scariest Thing A Writer Can Face


Writing is in my blood. Whether I’m typing on a keyboard or writing with a pen, I always feel this driving urge to express what I want to say. It’s both therapeutic and a way to bring your imagination to life through words. I find writing an essential part of my life, just like the air I breathe.

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It’s our first Giveaway! Win 6 Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you’re well aware of our current obsession with Tokidoki’s Marvel Frenzies. They’re cool, they’re small and we’re desperately trying to collect them all before they are gone for good.

Of course, we don’t get the ones we need all the time, which has left us with a lot of double and even triples. But instead of letting these little guys sit on a shelf somewhere, we wanted to give them away to a good home in our very first giveaway!

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