Is Xena: Warrior Princess coming back from the dead?


Since 2001, fans of Xena: Warrior Princess (including me) have gathered at conventions and through the internet and petitions in order to help spark an interest in reigniting the story that left nearly every fan heartbroken.  Now, TV bosses in the U.S. are rumored to be considering bringing back the cult show that turned Lucy Lawless into a universal icon.

  The original series, a spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, ran for six years through 134 episodes that ended with Xena slain and decapitated. “The fans were always devastated that we cut Xena’s head off. We thought we were telling a strong storyline and it was hilarious, but it broke their hearts,” Lucy Lawless said. And in her own mind, she already has an idea for the direction that the show should follow. “In my dreams it would be that Renee [O’Connor, who played Gabrielle] and I, and Ted [Raimi], who played Joxer, would come back and basically stick Xena’s head back on her and go on a quest. At the end you introduce this new Warrior Princess, hand it over and let them run with it. So we could put the family back together, give the fans what they want, reinvigorate the brand and hand it on to a new generation.”

My main question is: Would fans truly enjoy a new warrior princess on their TV screens? It seems that the majority of Xena’s fans would appreciate some final closure, a story that would reunite the characters of the much beloved series and end Xena’s final chapter in a sense of peace. But beyond that, I’m not sure if I would go for a new warrior princess… unless some familiar faces at least offered to guest star every once in a while.

But regardless, it’s nice to know that the fans have made an impact. Internet missions like the Xena Movie Campaign have gathered up thousands of fans, contributing to an awesome effort to reignite Xena and Gabrielle’s story after the tragic end of the original series, and it’s possible that our desperate wishes will be granted.


3 thoughts on “Is Xena: Warrior Princess coming back from the dead?”

  1. I don’t know, I would feel weird seeing other actors and actresses in the show. I mean, I love the show, I watched it when I was a kid and it would be hard to see another “warrior princess” who’s not Lucy Lawless.
    But if they’re gonna make it anyway,I’d give it a try 🙂

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