My Darling Clementine – Speculations For The Walking Dead Season 2 Game

A few weeks ago, it was announced by Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors in a San Diego Comic-Con panel that Clementine will “definitely be a part of” the second game of The Walking Dead and the fate of another major character in the game, Kenny, will be explored as well.

Whether Clementine will be a playable character, a main supporting character in the new game, or a person we briefly encounter in the game is anyone’s guess. Telltale isn’t giving away too much about the game at the moment, but any tidbit the developers are willing to throw at the fans is a welcome one, especially confirming that we will see Clementine again.

Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead
Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead

It’s no surprise why Clementine is a fan favorite. This sweet and adorable little girl is the driving force behind the main story in the first game. Clementine is main character Lee’s purpose for surviving as long as he can against the walkers and any other dangerous threat they encounter along the way. Once you get to know Clementine, it’s impossible not to get attached to her. I wrote about the relationship between Lee and Clementine extensively on my own blog.

The extra scene after the end credits in the first game leaves a lot of questions up in the air. If you haven’t played the first game yet and plan to, now is the time to stop reading as I dive into some spoilers about the end of the game. The scene in question finds Clementine alone in an open field with the gun Lee has her take with her. She stops to rest a bit and looks around. Her eyes rest on the distance ahead of her. You, along with Clementine, see two shadowy figures on the horizon. It’s difficult to make out what or who those shadowy figures are, but they seem to be moving. The scene interchanges between the moving silhouettes and Clementine staring off into the direction of those figures until the scene cuts to black.

The scene leaves it up to the player to decide what they think it all means. Are those walkers? Is it Christa and Omid, the last remaining survivors by the end of the game? Or are these new people entirely? I personally felt a slight uneasiness for Clementine when I watched that scene for the first time. The end of The Walking Dead is by no means a “happy ending,” but at the very least you want to feel relief over seeing Clementine alive and well. The whole purpose of the first game is to keep her safe after all. Knowing Clementine will be a part of the second game in some way makes you anxious to know what happened to her after the first game. There are a number of possibilities of where Clementine ends up since the first game and I’m going to throw out my own personal speculations.

Depending on how many years the second game takes place after the first game and after you have played the first game’s recent DLC 400 Days, it’s quite possible we may see a more grown up Clementine. She’s either a solitary young girl surviving out on her own using the tools and skills Lee has left her with, or she could very well be leading her own band of survivors. I’m curious to see how much of her personality has changed or remained the same since the first game. Trying to survive against the walkers will take its toll on anyone after a while, as we clearly discover during the first game, and it’s up to the individual to try to hold it together in spite of it, fall apart completely, or veer off into extreme measures because of distrust and paranoia. I like to think an older Clementine keeps most of her optimism and humanity, but is wiser and more skilled with a gun. I hate to think Clementine has become more of a cynical and paranoid girl after Lee makes sure she doesn’t lose any of the hope she has kept with her since the first time they met.

Clementine and Lee
Clementine and Lee

If only a few months has gone by since the first game, we can see who little Clementine ends up with. Maybe she meets up with Christa and Omid and they have been raising her as their own daughter? It can explain the two shadowy figures we see off into the distance in that extra scene after the credits. We do see two figures and not one. We also don’t really know what happens to Christa and Omid at the end of the game. Their fate is also in question. We can’t be sure if they survive long enough to meet with Clementine as Lee is hoping would happen. If Clementine doesn’t end up with Christa and Omid, maybe the two figures are people from that survivor colony the player learns of if you have downloaded and played the 400 Days DLC. This could be the jumping off point for the second game, which is most likely going to take place in this survivor colony. It’d be the best way to see Clementine again, learn what she has been up to since then, and we get some final closure with one of the most beloved video game characters to date.

My final speculation about Clementine’s fate in the second game is she’s with Kenny, another major supporting character from the first game. Considering the developers also tossed in their announcement that Kenny’s fate will be explored, one of three things is possible:

A. Kenny is dead and we find his corpse at some point in the new game.

B. Kenny becomes a walker and we have to fight or kill him.

C. Kenny is alive and is surviving.

When I played the first game and Kenny does the ultimate sacrifice move in one scene towards the end of it, I presumed him to be walker food or a walker himself. Of course, this isn’t confirmed at all. The fight between Kenny and the walkers happens off screen, and you and Lee are hearing just Kenny’s voice and the sounds of the walkers’ grumbles and moans until it goes completely silent. Usually if a character is a surefire goner in this game, we tend to see them die or see their corpse. If Kenny is really a goner, we would have seen it on screen and not off.

In relation to Clementine, if Kenny does live in the second game, it’s a possibility she may have ended up in Kenny’s care. He is considered Lee’s best friend in the game, and if Christa and Omid aren’t the ones caring for Clementine, I’m sure Lee would have wanted Clementine to be under Kenny’s care. Kenny lost his wife and son tragically in the first game, and who better to take care of Clementine than the one most experienced at being a dad?

These are my own speculations of Clementine’s fate. Whether any of it turns out correct or completely wrong will have to wait until Telltale releases the second game, and I am looking forward to it when that day arrives. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead game, feel free to share your own thoughts of what you think might have happened to Clementine since the first game in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “My Darling Clementine – Speculations For The Walking Dead Season 2 Game”

  1. I’d like to see an older Clementine, but I don’t think they’ll skip that far ahead. The only reason I say that is because I think Telltale has to generally stay within the confines of what Robert Kirkman has written so far, as far as timeline and setting. In the comics they’ve been to Georgia and Virginia and I believe only a little over 2 years have passed.

    I’d like to think that Clem is living with Christa and Omid at this safe haven mentioned in 400 days. I liked them.

    I’m not sure if I think Clem will be the playable character, though. Personally, I think Molly might be an interesting choice for the next playable character. We know she’s alive and they left her fate kind of open-ended. She’s a badass with that ice tool and definitely an interesting, deep character. I particularly felt for her, because I have a teenage sister with diabetes too.

    1. I haven’t read the comics or watched the show, as I’ve mentioned in an older post you did about the game on your blog, but an older Clementine is a nice idea to think about.

      I also liked Christa and Omid and I do hope they survived. Who knows if we’ll see them at all in the second game, but it’d be nice to find out if they turned out okay too.

      Yeah, it seems less likely Clementine would be a playable character. I’m pretty sure Telltale wants to focus on a new character and a brand new story. 400 Days gave us a ton of possibilities with the characters we meet in the DLC. Whoever the main character turns out to be in the second game, I’m sure it would be interesting to explore their story and find out what sort of hard decisions they’ll have to make.

  2. I really hope that Kenny doesn’t come back as a main character this go around, he was one of the characters I liked the least in the first season (besides lily for killing off my woman….) I would though be interested in finding out what happened to him as well as to Omid and Christa. The safe haven would be a nice place for her, but to be honest I like the idea of them being out in the wilds, this tends to lead to a more action driven story as opposed to a politics driven one, which apeals more to me. All we can do at this point is wait, but I’m sure telltale has a bumpy ride planned for us! can’t wait.

    1. I actually didn’t mind Kenny so much. Yeah, at times he annoyed me during the game, but I did understand where he was coming from most of the time. I felt sad to see him go in the first game.

      I’m definitely excited to see what’s in store for the characters and what kind of new story and decisions we’ll have to play. Here’s hoping the second game will be just as good as the first!

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