CompLexity lands another win at UMG Atlanta


UMG Atlanta proved to be an important event for competitive Call of Duty as teams – both old and new—came in and played their hearts out through the brackets. This was the first LAN competition showcasing the new roster changes in both EnVyUs and Epsilon, while champions CompLexity fought to retain their win streak and their well-earned title as one of the greatest pro Call of Duty teams in the world.

But not only did UMG highlight the well-known pros; it showcased some fresh faces that needed some exposure, and they definitely introduced some new surprises that successfully challenged fan favorites. Conquer swooped in and brought another tough battle against EnVyUs, with Nifty sealing a win with an amazing Capture the Flag game that knocked nV down to the loser’s bracket, and even though Conquer was inevitably knocked out of the competition, they solidified themselves as an upcoming team worth watching.

Team Kaliber and MRKN Gaming hyped up the crowd with a Hardpoint game on Slums that ended in a draw and upped the tension between the two teams, and with an ultimate win against MRKN, Team Kaliber continued on to face Complexity in the winner’s bracket finals where Clayster literally exploded into the first round of Hardpoint on Raid and eventually knocked Team Kaliber into the loser’s bracket.

Eventually, though, in an event that lasted well past midnight, CompLexity took the ultimate win, solidifying themselves inside of a 3-peat win and a nice cash prize of $7500. And whether or not you enjoy competitive Call of Duty, the energy is growing with around 30,000 concurrent viewers on It was a long and entertaining event!

Rank Prize Team
1st $7,500 complexity
2nd $1,500 Team Kaliber
3rd $1,000 Epsilon

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