Siren’s Call: Why Maya Of Borderlands 2 Possesses The Best Ability

Borderlands is a game I find highly enjoyable when you play with other people. I beat the first game last month and have since moved onto Borderlands 2 with my gaming buddy. I tend to call our gaming sessions our “ladies night of gaming” when we aren’t, you know, going outside, socializing, and…stuff.

I know most have since played and beaten Borderlands 2, but I’m a slow gamer and a cheap one at that. I’m lucky this same friend, who has beaten Borderlands 2 more than once on her own, decided to give me the game for my birthday. We aren’t too far into the game yet, but I can already see why many gamers call the second game way better than the first. One of those reasons why I may be liking Borderlands 2 more than the first game is the inclusion of two new playable characters, both who are female.

Move over boys, there's a new Siren in town and her name is Maya
Move over boys, there’s a new Siren in town and her name is Maya

While Borderlands has Lilith, a Siren who is the only playable female character in the game, Borderlands 2 gives you Maya, a brand new Siren character as well as Gaige, a DLC character who belongs to a brand new class known as the Mechromancer. Having a choice between these two characters is a welcome one. I always prefer to play as the female first in video games before playing as the guy when given a choice. My current game with my friend has me taking on the role of the Siren again (I played as Lilith in the first game while she played as Mordecai) and her as the Mechromancer.

I love how the Borderlands series includes kickass women who are forces to be reckoned with. The Mechromancer is definitely a cool class to play as and I look forward to trying Gaige at a later date, but I enjoy playing as Maya. Between playing as Lilith and now playing as Maya, I truly believe Maya possesses the best power of the Siren.

Lilith in the first game possesses the Phasewalk ability which enables her to go invisible for a second and sneak up on her enemies before letting out a huge burst of energy to damage or kill her enemies. As much as I charged at an enemy using Lilith’s Phasewalk quite a bit, I did find it a little cumbersome to control. Lilith’s ability requires you to get up close and personal with the enemy to really bring on the pain. Sometimes activating Phasewalk does little to cause much damage.maya_siren

Maya’s ability is the Phaselock where she lifts her enemies off the ground and holds them suspended in the air for a few seconds. Discovering this new Siren ability is amazing! I find myself staring at the cool down time, impatiently waiting for a chance to use it again. It helps to immobilize enemies from a distance and for you and your teammate to shoot down the enemy together. Maybe Phaselock doesn’t cover a wide area to cause damage to enemies like Lilith’s Phasewalk does, but at least you can lift and trap most higher level enemies you wish to kill faster. Pair the Phaselock with the Mechromancer’s Deathtrap, and you have a killer combo to bring down the enemies.

The Phasewalk is so last season. It’s all about the Phaselock these days!

5 thoughts on “Siren’s Call: Why Maya Of Borderlands 2 Possesses The Best Ability”

    1. I think I prefer 2 over the first game, but I think the first is worth playing as long as you play with a friend. I do hope to try out the other classes at some point, mainly the Mechromancer.

  1. I definitely appreciate what haselock can do but I still love my scorpio and sabre turrets. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a friend on the field even when all your real friends are busy.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Since I played as the Siren in the first game, I just became comfortable sticking with that class in the second. I’m glad they gave Maya a different power from Lilith’s.

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