At long last, entering the gates of Steam

Image © sependrios (source)
Image © sependrios (source)

Alright people of the Internet, it has happened. Hold onto your butts… … …

I created a Steam account. 

What?! No friggin’ applause? No flourishes, trumpets, or ANGELS SINGING??!! Okay, okaaaay. You don’t have to give me that…just…shut up.

You’re right, who cares? Thing is, I actually downloaded Steam, like, ages ago, and I just never took the time to finish setting up the account.  So many games just sitting there, waiting for me to open up my wallet and say aaaahhhh. And I never…it’s just…I know, y’know! Crazy!

But, see, here’s the other thing…I was waiting.

I was waiting for the Steam Box.

Don't stare directly at it! It might run away. (source)
Don’t stare directly at it — it might run away! (source)

Valve’s mysterious Steam Box that was “announced” early last year, like right after the holidays or something. (And I say “announced” cause it was never, ever, really, officially announced.) It was fabled to be a device that hooked up to your TV and magically brought Steam games directly to you without a computer. Kinda like what the Ouya is (or isn’t) delivering, only better. Only Steam. Valve was very tight-lipped about all this, which sent the rumor mills into a frenzy.  Would it be a thing or wouldn’t it? Would it be awesome or wouldn’t it? Would it be the savior of the gaming world or would’t it?? Heavens to murgatroyd, Valve, WHAT WAS UP WITH THE STEAM BOX??!!

Thinking that maybe, just maybe, there might be a bunch of pretty Steam Boxes on shelves by Christmas 2012, I watched and I waited. But nothing happened.

So instead, I played other games. I caught up on some past titles, played a few new ones, and moved on. And I kinda, sorta forgot about Steam. The rumors of the Steam Box were still out there, but without any real follow-up from Valve, it was a little hard to care. On my end, I wasn’t ever really in the market for a gaming PC and I didn’t really have time to spend time gaming on my laptop. But then…our PS3 died, and part of conversation about what to do, replace the PS3 or wait for the still-rumored PS4, involved the Steam Box. Were people still even talking about it, or was it dead in the water?

My investigation to answer that question led me to research Steam itself. I read all about the positives and negatives of digital distribution. I read about the vast number of games available through Steam at dirt-cheap prices. I read about the dedicated Steam community and the pros and cons of being part of it. Whatever I thought of Steam before, my mind was made up then that (1) the Steam Box needed to exist, and (2) A PC with Steam could rest peacefully besides our consoles as a loveable gaming option. And since #1 didn’t appear to be happening any time soon, I went with #2.

I downloaded the Steam client onto my laptop and…and ——


The holidays happened. Winter happened. Lots of gaming happened. But Steam, it sat idle. And I forgot about it. Again.

What kicked me in the ass just recently was the offer of a free Steam game courtesy of the good folks over at Counter Attack! Well, sweet mother of mayhem! I’m not one for turning down free fun of any sort, so I figured, why the hell shouldn’t I try to get in on the Steam action. Everyone else is doing it. Join us, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Um — hello? Voices…?

Anyway, with the game code in hand, I hopped onto my laptop and headed over to Steam, completely oblivious to the fact that I had already downloaded it. When a “copy and replace” pop-up appeared on screen, that helped me remember. And it made me feel pretty damn stupid. So I went back and searched for Steam on my hard drive, and there it was, still patiently waiting for its moment in the sun. I hesitated for a mere moment before I finally started the account creation process with the thought,” I guess there’s no turning back now.” Also, “FREE GAME!”

And so Steam, it has been done. It’s going to take me awhile to re-learn how to re-integrate PC gaming back into my life, but I look forward to the challenge and promise of what lies ahead.


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2 thoughts on “At long last, entering the gates of Steam”

  1. I may be losing this battle of not joining Steam. Darn folks at Counter Attack! already gave me two free games. TWO! And both look really awesome to play. Crap. I may walk over to the dark side. At least my shiny iMac supports both those games too.

    1. Well, I haven’t had two seconds to get onto Steam and play since signing up, so I’m off to a great start! :\ But I have been very impressed by Steam’s catalog, so we’ll see what happens as time frees up over the next few months. Join us, I say. It’ll be fun, I say. 😉

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