A Week in Gaming – Metro: Last Light


I was a little late to the party, but I finally started playing Metro: Last Light this past week. I have yet to finish it but so far it’s been a lot of fun to play. I was in dire need of a solid first person shooter when I saw Metro sitting on the shelf and thought “Why not?”. So I did. I plan on writing a proper review over on my personal blog, linksaveszelda.com, so think of this as an exclusive sneak peek into my thoughts about the game.

I never played Metro 2033 or read the book. I have been using my boyfriend, who is a fan of the series, as a guide to help me out with some things I don’t quite understand. The game actually does a pretty decent job of explaining things though, I have seldom felt lost of confused – it’s rather straight forward. War, nukes, radiation, lots of dead, mutated animals, gas masks, living in the metros, and of course – Russia. I got the point in timely manner.

When I popped this game in I was really looking for a solid first-person shooter that was new to me, as I said above. Metro: Last Light definitely delivers in that department. The gameplay is so fluid and perfected. I was really surprised by the amazing control scheme and the shooting mechanics to be perfectly honest. There are games out there that either don’t meet the mark at all or do but fail to bring anything new to the table and I’m happy to say that Last Light does not fall into either of those molds. Also, even on console, the graphics are stunning.


One flaw that I have with this game (and it appears I’m not alone) is the blatant sexism. Now, I’m not trying to get on my feminist soap box here, but they didn’t even try to dignify any of the females in this game even a little bit. More than half of the women you come across are topless strippers and the rest are the most bland NPC’s I have ever seen. A lot of the male NPC’s are bland too, but at least some of them have helpful jobs or are fodder for your bullets. The women are basically pointless unless they are giving lap dances. The main female character was so annoying that I almost muted my television because she would not shut up (literally, she would not stop talking. Ever.) about how terrible I am and how I shouldn’t be there with her since she is obviously better than me. The next time I saw her she was completely different which was awkward. I just didn’t care for the way females got the back-burner in this game is all.

The “talking to much” thing is an abundant flaw in this game. It’s not just the women, it’s everyone. Sometimes it’s informative to an extent but the people talking never fail to cross that line between informative and downright annoying. Most of the time you are alone, so it’s not a huge deal, but it does become a nuisance at times. On a semi-positive note: the mutated enemies are really awful, and by that I mean horrifying as all get out. It’s really just the gigantic scorpion-spider hybrids that are scary to me. It’s like they said “Hey, what makes LadyCroft3 really scared? Spiders and scorpions? Ok, let’s make that into one creature and then make it huge and there’s the game” It’s so hard to play in areas where those things are. I had to pause and take some deep breaths at times. It’s good though, adds some emotional fear to the game for me. I do like a good scare in games.

The game is great though, so far. I hope to give more insight with my upcoming review. Thanks for reading everyone! See you next time.

One thought on “A Week in Gaming – Metro: Last Light”

  1. I love this game too, but I agree with you about the sexism. And the characters who won’t shut up. I thought it was kind of endearing early on when you have Pavel with you, though… but it is a very chattery game!

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your full review!

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