Will The Elder Scrolls Online subscription fee hinder the game’s success?



I had the awesome chance to play during the Elder Scrolls Online’s last beta stress test and managed to become addicted. It had become a must-have game on its release and I was excited to for more chances to explore through this diverse atmosphere. But when the news of ESO’s subscription fee hit the web, I couldn’t help but become a bit disheartened. I’ll share my own reasons why.

Many people argue that the Elder Scrolls Online can survive beneath a monthly subscription fee, and while $15 a month is not a bad price for such a huge and anticipated game, it will definitely create a bit of indecisiveness for console players like me.

I plan to eventually purchase a PS4 and I’m extremely excited for the chance to enjoy a MMO experience on my television screen. My PC isn’t made for gaming, and while I’ve enjoyed the beta experience on there, it doesn’t look very great, and in a game like Elder Scrolls Online where I can spend hours of my day, graphics are a must. Especially on PC.


Because of this, a cool console experience is a must for me, and while I’m ecstatic over the fact that the PS4 will provide some quality MMO games, the price may repel me. I’ll be spending about $400 for the PS4, $60 for the game itself, the price of PlayStation Plus so I can enjoy my online games, and $15 a month just to continue playing the Elder Scrolls Online. Is anyone else a little bit frustrated by this? I kind of am.

Is there anyone else planning on buying The Elder Scrolls Online at release? If so, what do you think about the subscription fee? Do you think the game will be able to survive on a life of monthly subscriptions, or will it fall to become a free-to-play title like Star Wars: The Old Republic? While I’m not too worried about the game’s life on PC, I wonder how this will affect console players.


6 thoughts on “Will The Elder Scrolls Online subscription fee hinder the game’s success?”

  1. I planned on picking this game up until I heard about that fee. I’m more into consoles, like you, and while I actually have decent gaming laptop and access to a high quality gaming PC I just don’t think I want to pay a fee to play a game. I’m a big Elder Scrolls fan but I’m also a penny-pincher and I have never been a super MMO fan or anything.

    Maybe one day when I have more funds I can at least try it out for a few months and see where it goes from there but at this time and for at least the rest of this year I cannot afford it, financially and as a risk – what if I don’t even like it? All in all, the announcement of a monthly subscription fee was very disappointing for me.

  2. Thinking about it a bit, I think a subscription fee is probably the only thing that will really discourage me from getting the game. By all accounts I should have been a huge WoW player, but I never really got started on it because I didn’t want to pay each month for the honor of playing.

    What this will probably come down to is how many of my friends play / how many of the delightful bloggers I follow regale me with amazing stories of the game. I know it’s going to be good, but it will take some social encouragement to make me fork over a subscription fee

  3. I had to add an extra comment. With Bethesda pushing to allow Xbox One users access to ESO without having to have Xbox Gold, I wonder if PlayStation Plus won’t be necessary in order to play. I’ve heard some mixed news about online games such as DC Universe Online not requiring PS+, but I haven’t seen any confirmation… and I’m too lazy to Google at the moment. 😉

    Even if this is true, however, I’m not sure if I’ll still get ESO with the subscription fee. It helps a little bit, but I’m still hesitant.

  4. I am no stranger to fees, especially for MMOs. More often than not, they justify the cost over and over for me in their value. Ultimately, the subscription won’t deter me at all if the game is good enough.

  5. I was interested in it, but the fee definitely turned me off. I’ll wait until it inevitably goes free to play. If Star Wars couldn’t make it with a subscription model, I don’t think Elder Scrolls will either. I’m not going to pay $60 for a game and then turn around and shell out $15 a month just to play it.

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