A Weekend for Gaming!

Labor Day weekend is here, and with it is the PAX Prime convention and lots of free time to game! When I’m not with family and friends for the next few days, I’ll be playing some Saints Row IV. I was all over it last weekend but ran out of time to play after work during the week, so I’m looking forward to jumping back into it.

So far, what I love about Saints Row IV is that its premise allows anything to happen — and if something doesn’t quite make sense, that’s okay too. Because it’s a virtual world. You’re the president of the United States, and you’re forced into a simulation by a group of crazy aliens. And so, in this simulation, you get superhero-like abilities of super speed and super jumps. You can scale a building in dozens of chained leaps, Spider-Man style. And then you can exit the simulation to your Mass Effect-style spaceship. (It even makes fun of the romances, which is awesome.) It’s a ridiculous premise and a ridiculous amount of fun.

It definitely harks back to some of those retro video games that didn’t always make sense, but they were intended to be fun, and that’s it. Video games haven’t always striven for realism; they were originally made so you could have a good time playing. And that’s what Saints Row IV is all about, too.

Saints Row IV

Plus, I got my Dubstep gun. I thought it would let out sounds each time you fired it, but instead you hold to aim and let it charge up as you zoom in — and then as you continue to hold, it lets out its song until its charge depletes. It works better than the way I imagined it, and it’s always my first choice when enemies appear… even when it’s not necessarily the most accurate or damaging.

Other games I’ll be playing this weekend are Fire Emblem: Awakening and potentially some Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, or L.A. Noire. What’s everybody else playing this weekend?

— Ashley

12 thoughts on “A Weekend for Gaming!”

  1. I recently downloaded Saint’s Row 3 since it was free on PS+ and am surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. Hoping to finish it this weekend. I’ll definitely be checking out 4 at some point since this one has been such a good time. Glad to hear it is also ridiculous fun.

  2. Yea, I recently downloaded SR 3 also on PSN and I’m loving it also. Wow, looks like you have a great weekend set up, unfortunately I have to work all weekend but I will try to squeeze in some World of Warcraft, Persona 4 Golden and some Killzone: Mercenary beta for PS Vita.

    1. Awww working all weekend? I have had my fair share of those too, but gaming time at the end of the day definitely helps! Those game choices sound awesome, though I have to admit I haven’t played Wow yet! I should get on that at some point… =)

  3. I’ve heard good things about the latest Saints Row games. I’ve only played the first one and it was pretty good. It got stolen with my 360 back in ’08 and I just never got around to playing any of them again.

    I’m in the middle of playing Journey for the first time. I usually prefer a game with more of a story, but everything else makes up for it! I’m also going to start re-playing Grand Theft Auto IV in anticipation for V.

    1. That’s awesome, I love Journey. I should play some Grand Theft Auto before V comes out too, that’s a good idea. I’ve played some of the games, mainly San Andreas, but never got super into them.

      1. Yeah, Journey was like playable art. Very cool.

        I’ve only played IV. It’s pretty good, but not my favorite. I liked Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire more. I’m excited about V, though. It looks like it’s going be really good with the single player mode and the online mode.

  4. All good choices! I can’t wait to get Saints Row IV at some point. My gaming is going to consist of a bit of Fire Emblem like you and getting together with my friend to plug in more hours of Borderlands 2. I love long weekends. Enjoy yours too! 🙂

    1. Nice! Hope you had a good weekend. I really want to dig back into Borderlands 2 at some point. I say that about way too many games, though… There’s just not enough time for all these amazing games!

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