A Week In Gaming: Dragon Age II


This week I decided to give Dragon Age II a shot. I previously confessed that I did not particularly care for Dragon Age: Origins due to the clunky gameplay and slow start, but I have been told that Dragon Age II would be more fitting for me, combat and pace-wise. I really enjoyed what little of the storyline I witnessed but I just could never bring myself to play it much, because of that I decided to dig in to the second game in the series.

I started off by picking a class and a gender and I chose a female mage. When I was a bit younger I really liked to play as warrior-type classes due to brute force and strength, but now that I’m a bit more experienced I prefer battle-mage’s or just the mage class in general. I typically find myself being a better support character than anything else so being a mage who stands back and attacks enemies or heals my allies feels right. My favorite character in Dragon Age: Origins was an elven mage, so it makes sense that I would choose that class again in Dragon Age II. My first contact with the Dark Spawn proved to me that my choice was the right one, mage combat is outrageously smooth in Dragon Age II.

I think that so far the combat is my favorite part of the game. It is so smooth compared to that of Dragon Age: Origins and it feels like something I will really enjoy throughout the game. I like being able to switch between characters, so that if Hawke dies I can control someone else, or if I want to use someone else’s powers I can. It’s much better than a game over or worthless allies. I like the amount of powers or abilities you have at your disposal in these games as well, it was the same with Origins as it is with this one and I really like that in both games. Having two tiers of powers/abilities to work with (six total) is really helpful as the game progresses, it seems.


So far the few characters I have met have been pretty cool. My character’s brother, Carver, is kind of annoying but I got over it. He is always mad at me for some reason, I think it’s because I am a mage. Aveline is a really fun character, I like her a lot so far. I think she will be one of my favorites in this game. Varric seems like an interesting character too, though I only just met him. The characters seem to have a lot of depth, which is something that Bioware is good at creating in their games.

One of my favorite Bioware trademarks is the plethora of dialog options in their games and Dragon Age II is no exception. One of my favorite things about the Mass Effect series is the amount of information you can get out of conversations and the ability to choose your character’s responses. Dragon Age 2 has the same sort of in-depth dialog and I really love it. It helps someone like me who missed out on the first game learn more about the world and what has happened in the past as well as what is going on now.

I’m not very far into this game at all but I can say with confidence that I will keep pushing further into it because I really like it so far. I know a lot of people had very legitimate complaints about the lack of unique environments used in Dragon Age 2 and whatnot but regardless I think I will enjoy playing through this game. It should get me somewhat ready for Dragon Age Inquisition, which I know everyone is really looking forward to!

3 thoughts on “A Week In Gaming: Dragon Age II”

  1. If you can get into the story, you’ll enjoy Dragon Age 2 despite its flaws. It’s very character driven which is a detail that I like, and each character brings in their own views and opinions about the situations around you. And Carver… I always enjoy snapping at him. He’s such a brat.

  2. The problem I have with dialogue in DA2 is that you often doesn’t say anything that resembles what you thought’d say, and it’s much more limited than DA:O was.

    I personally didn’t find the other characters likeable, I hated them all by the end (with the exception of Varric, Aveline, and Carver.. I didn’t mind him!). Their whole characterisation is wrapped up in their agenda and they never talk about anything else (only the relationships with Varric and Aveline feel authentic)!

    I think I found that most disappointing of all. I’ve never not fallen in love with all the characters of a BioWare game before, and four of them was a sick to death of!

    It is a still a very playable and enjoyable game; but having played and loved DA:O to it doesn’t work at all as the sequel it was marketed as, and they took out most of the elements that I enjoyed.

    The only thing it improves on is combat which is quicker and looks cooler, which makes it feel more fun.

  3. I’ve just began Dragon Age II as well. I still can’t give a honest, complete opinion, but it’s true the choice of answers are a little too reduced… I preferred the wider choice of Dragon Age Origins.
    However, since I’m madly in love with DA:O, I sometimes feel like I won’t be able to appreciate DA 2 as well, but I might be wrong 😛 Yes, the combat system in DA:O is flawed, but I got myself so wrapped in the story and the relationships between my character (a female mage, anyways, hahaha) and her companions that I often found myself sad when something sad happened! I like that a videogame can involve not just our logic and abilities but also our emotions.

    I hope DA 2 will do the same to me (feeeels xD)

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