You Got An Achievement: Finishing A Video Game

saintsrow3Completing a video game is no easy feat, especially when you have a ton of other games waiting for you to finish or start. It’s a typical dilemma for me. I have way too many games, probably more portable games than console, but the console ones are slowly catching up. I tend to get overwhelmed really easily when I’m trying to figure out what to play next. With so many choices, how does one just choose a game to play?

When I finished playing the game of Saints Row: The Third (I know, it’s an old game and everyone is onto Saints Row 4, but just humor the super slow and dirt cheap gamer here, all right?) recently, I did the dorkiest thing ever––I put the controller down on my lap and did a little fist pump in the air.

I was ecstatic to have finished this game. Finishing any game is like a huge achievement for me. It’s a victory. I want to cue the marching band and bring out the confetti because my start to finish game ratio is very slim. I start more games than I actually finish. This is probably a common statement most gamers often say.

There’s something about watching the end credits roll after seeing the last scene of a game. There’s a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in having completed a game. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the end to something. There are those games where you don’t ever want the experience to end and there are others, while you enjoy playing the game, you really want to be able to put it on the shelf and move onto the next game on your queue.

I often wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to see the ending of most of the games I currently own. Certain games are quite easy to progress your way through to the end and others leave you stuck at a level that no matter how hard you try, your progress to reach the end is impeded. It’s a cause for frustration when you know the end is in sight. When you find a way to overcome those obstacles, the sheer euphoria of seeing the conclusion to an epic game is unmistakable.

Maybe there are gamers who think reaching the end isn’t a cause to celebrate, but for me, it means everything to me. I can finally discuss amongst my friends who have beaten the game what the ending means. I can reminisce what it was like to beat the final boss. You can’t have those kinds of conversations when you’re half way there with a game.

Whenever I finish a game, I’ll throw myself my own little party. There’s no one around to think I’m a little crazy when I yell, “I DID IT!” in the privacy of my own home. Ah, the perks of at home console gaming. Gotta love it.


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