Preparing for GTA V is exciting!


The midnight release of GTA V is less than four hours away, and although I’ll be waiting until my copy is mailed tomorrow, I’m preparing for some all night livestreams and YouTube watching. Thanks to the game being leaked, several people have been posting streams, videos, and pictures of the game despite Rockstar’s mission to shut them down, and I can say from watching… this game is going to be amazing. Like I’ve told other people, this is the Grand Theft Auto game I’ve always wished for, and with GTA Online launching October 1st, I’ll have plenty of time to do some single-player exploring and free roaming. Consider my social life non-existent.

Drinks for tomorrow. Don't worry, I don't plan on drinking all of them.
Drinks for tomorrow. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on drinking all of them.

For those of you planning on playing on PS3, make sure you add me in preparation for GTA Online! My PSN is PhoenixDownnn. Also, for those interested in joining a crew (particularly mine), make sure you sign up on the Social Club and make sure you add me there as well! Once GTA Online launches, I expect a lot of play time and money-making… because I want a snazzy apartment and garage to show off all my cars. Also, once GTA V gets here tomorrow, I’m planning on making a first impressions video before I write out any kind of review so make sure you keep an eye out for that. All links are listed below.

Oh and I’ll just leave this GTA V gameplay here.

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