Why I love bitchy Korra


For those of you who haven’t seen the first episodes of the new of season of Legend of Korra: stop reading right now. I’ll be hitting you with spoilers left and right, and you will hate me even more than I hate Bolin. Trust me, I hate him.

With that being said, let’s talk about Korra. Not about the show, but about the character. Did you nothing something about her in the new episodes? No, you didn’t miss her new hairdo or new outfit. I’m talking about Korra’s snappy, arrogant attitude. Really, Korra has been a (excuse my language here) dick since the first scene of the new season. In order to win in an air scooter race against Tenzin’s kids, she enters the Avatar state for that extra bit of speed. Yes, the first thing we see of the great Avatar in this season is using her super powers to cheat against children.

Really, Korra, really?

Oh, her arrogant behavior doesn’t stop there. In the more than forty minutes of the first two episodes, she lashes out against everyone who tries to support her. Tenzin trying to tell her she needs to get her priorities straight? To Korra, he’s just an old air bender who doesn’t understand her needs. Mako doing his best to be the supportive boyfriend? Well, Korra feels like he is an indecisive no-good who can only think of cheesy one-liners to throw at Triad members (his one-liners are really cheesy). Yeah, Korra makes it clear that she finds no use for these good-hearted people, raising her pretty little nose to follow some spirit-soothing guy who surely will not be the bad guy. Korra knows what’s best. She’s the Avatar, right? The Avatar knows what needs to be done. I mean, it’s not like she’s just a teenager who might need some counseling. Nope, Korra knows it all.

All of this shows why I love Korra so much. Yes, she’s arrogant, hot-headed and not easy to please, and it’s a real douche move to use the Avatar mode to beat kids at a game, but you know what? It suits her. You should not forget that Korra still is a teenage girl. I don’t know if you have been around teenage females lately, but even without them being the reincarnation of a semi-divine being, they can be pretty cocky and self-centered. When you add the burden of being the “one to safeguard balance” to the already explosive emotional baggage of a girl trying to find her place in the world, it’s no surprise that you’ll have to deal with a snappy remark there and some idiotic behavior there. Korra’s just a teenage girl trying to figure out this Avatar thing, and I love her for that.

Seeing how some of the characters in this show have no personality to speak of (did someone say Bolin?), it’s good to see that Korra’s character is present and noticeable. Plus, it shows how different the incarnations of the Avatar can be. Where Aang knew the worth of meditation and peace, Korra likes to roll into the situation, bending blazing, ready to kick some butt. While Aang struggled with mastering the four elements, Korra finds it hard to truly grasp the spiritual side of bending. What unites the two protagonists is their heritage, but the way they approach it is so different.

Korra, you’re a bitch, but I love you anyway. Keep on bending, beautiful, hot-headed girl.

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