My first League of Legends experience was an absolute disaster!



I’ve never been interested in League of Legends primarily because I’m more accustomed to console play and I enjoy more fast-paced games versus tactical games. Plus as someone who has never really had to “adjust” to a game, struggling with a learning curve is incredibly frustrating, especially to my ego. I’ve always enjoyed watching it since I understand the basics, but jumping into the experience for myself was really disappointing. It was intimidating! Other players are vicious and they don’t mind striking down their teammates who don’t really comprehend just what is going on.

I hate having to say that considering I’m accustomed to normal and frequent trash talk inside of the Call of Duty scene, but this was just an absolute disaster! As a gamer I try not to dwell on first impressions, but finishing that game was like pulling a tooth out. Of course feeling completely incompetent inside of a competitive atmosphere was heart-wrenching enough inside a game where your teammates seem to do nothing but yell at you while you furiously press random keyboard buttons and hope for the best even as you keep dying. I don’t even remember what champion I used! I’ve had mixed replies, some of them encouraging me to stick it out while others tell me to run screaming (which is what I’m leaning toward right now).

For the rest of you LoL players, what was your first experience like? What would be your advice to an uneducated newcomer (like me)?


3 thoughts on “My first League of Legends experience was an absolute disaster!”

  1. I had a similar experience when I just started as well but as the game goes on, it gets much much easier once you “click” with a hero. Lately, I dont even bother with PvP. Try playing AI games with other players just to learn what heros work with you and which dont. The team mates are much more chilled (you might get a jackass from time to time but they seldom) and that way you can make friends, allies and proper team mates that will help you get more used to the game before the PvP stuff.

  2. I didn’t have to endure the player hate but I was a grade-A, worthless noob when I played my first LoL game, to such a degree that I didn’t play again for a long time because I felt so terrible. I just didn’t GET it, you know? I still don’t really – I’ve only played about a dozen times, going back to pick it up every few months, resolved that I’ll finally get it all to click.

    I’d agree with anatnem and say if you’re interested in playing again, try sticking with the same hero you played last time to build up a little bit of know-how as to how to play that character (at least what powers are what keyboard buttons). And yeah, I also played with bots for ages before jumping into 5 v 5 beginner games (more people, the less critical you are to the team, perhaps the less hate they’ll dump on you for a few missteps).

    Also, my opinion changed a bit at PAX last year when I watched some of the NA LoL championship games. It was the first time I really saw strategy in play (that I could observe because they were so damn good). So, maybe try watching some professional games for a bit on YouTube or Twitch or something?

    Best of luck! I’ve definitely been there / am still there, and feel your pain.

  3. The LoL community, much like any gaming community, can really suck if you’re new to the game. But games VS AI and teaming up with friends to learn the game is a great way to enjoy your experience and learn the game at the same time.

    If you’re looking for someone to do some Bot games with, just let me know! Me and Chris over at At The Buzzer run a bot game every day or so for our first win. If you’re online, you’re welcome to join us!

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