The ugliest Pokémon of X and Y

pokemon x y starters

Awww yes, it’s almost here! Just somewhat more than a week, and we’ll be able to rub our sweaty bodies against another delicious fruit of Japanese labor! That’s right, Pokemon X and Y are almost upon us, and with these smexy looking games come a whole truckload of new Pokémon! Yeah, I’m hyped to catch me some new servants, train them until their bones break and pit them in deadly battles against their own kind! For starters, look at the new starters (I’ll see myself out): there’s a freaking fox (Vulpix, eat your heart out), a smug-looking frog, and representing my favorite type of Pokémon is…what the hell?

Really, Gamefreak? Really? The Grass-type starter is a stupid-grinning green chipmunk? Are you aware of which gracious Pokémon came before to take up the ancient task of making the Grass-type starter the most magnificent Pokémon? Do you feel great spitting on Bulbasaur’s heritage and smearing mud upon Chikorita’s cute face? Who let you pass the auditions with that silly face of yours? Get out of my sight and make place for a real Pokémon, damnit.

I’m sorry, I’ve let my emotions get the better of me in that previous paragraph. It’s just that I’m really critical when it comes to new Pokémon, and I know that our readers are as well. So, if you had the chance to draft one of the new Pokémon out of the game, which one would you pick though? If you’d pick Chespin, I will fully support your endeavor with all my heart. If it’s another Pokémon…I’ll just let it slide this time.

Choose wisely.

6 thoughts on “The ugliest Pokémon of X and Y”

  1. There’s another way to look at Chespin: notice the odd green skin on his back. This happy little guy has skinned another poor grass-type and is wearing the flesh as a cutesy plant hoodie.

    Now his huge grin has a completely different meaning… that evil little bastard.

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