I’m revisiting Final Fantasy VIII… and it’s still amazing



Nostalgia tends to hit at the most random times, and this time it urged me to start Final Fantasy VIII over again… so of course that’s exactly what I did. Even without the childhood memories, Final Fantasy VIII is a masterpiece that deserves a breath of fresh air. While Final Fantasy VII really focused on a more epic story, Final Fantasy VIII felt more personal, and as a grown person revisiting the story, it still clicks with me more than VII did. The complex qualities of the characters and their relationships are amazing to watch, and even today, it doesn’t feel generic.

However, it can be a bit frustrating to play this game on a flat screen. It’s primarily this reason that makes me hope for an eventual HD remake. I can remember staring at the graphics in awe as a child, but now it’s just aggravating and sometimes even painful on my eyes. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much away from the ultimate experience of working through such an amazing story. I still neglect the Junction system and I always forget about playing cards, but that’s mainly because I always become too absorbed in the story.

I can remember having nightmares about Edea as a child and it’s nice to get that same chill when she appears now. None of the emotion has faded. Overall this game has passed through time beautifully, and I’m loving the fact that I’m able to introduce it to younger gamers. In the midst of all of the new games, it’s so nice to be able to return to a traditional RPG experience. Dedicating hours to the text dialogue and battle system has been really fun!

The story, the characters, the world, the music, and the cutscenes… Final Fantasy VIII will always be one of my absolute favorite games. Now I just need that HD remake. Let’s make that happen, okay?

What is your favorite Final Fantasy title?



5 thoughts on “I’m revisiting Final Fantasy VIII… and it’s still amazing”

  1. My fave game of all time. While I agree with you that FF8 had a more personal story to it than FF7, I think you’re overlooking just how epic FF8 can be–after all, you don’t just save the world, you save time itself.

    Regardless, what made this game was Squall’s character development. And not just the scenes with Rinoa. One of the most underrated scenes in the whole game is during the Desert Prision escape on Disc 2, when Squall swoops in out of nowhere to slash two prison guards away from a cornered Zell. Meanwhile, Quistis looks on in shock and comments, “Wow, Squall. I had no idea Zell meant that much to you.” Chilling scene, and it’s where the ice truly breaks for Squall (although you could argue for the scene with Rinoa talking Squall’s arm during the assassination buildup).

    I could rave for another forty paragraphs, but I’ll restrain myself. And please don’t request a HD remake when we could push for a sequel or spinoff starring Laguna.

  2. It’s a cliche, but FFVII is my favourite game. However, I agree that VIII was amazing. That scene in space with the beautiful love song Eyes on Me… I remember downloading that song on Napster and using it my falling asleep playlist in high school…. memories :).

  3. I haven’t played all the Final Fantasy games yet but 12 used to be my favorite. However, I recently played VIII and it’s absolutely the best to me… better than VII, like you said, b/c of the personal story. Love Squall… I have an action figure of him on my desk at work to remember the good times!

  4. My favorite all time final fantasy game is such a hard choice to make. I loved FF8, but FF7 was my first one so it has always been special. But my all time favorite is FFX, a game that had the perfect blend of romance, strong plot and excellent gameplay. But I do replay FF8 every couple of years just because it brings me back. It’s probably the most nostalgic FF game for me as well

    1. FFX is probably my favorite after FFVIII exactly for what you said. Not only that but I was old enough to truly understand what was going on in-game by the time FFX was released.

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