Have A Nintendo 3DS? Make Sure To Bring It To A Convention!

Being in the New York City area, it’s quite easy for me to keep coming back to New York Comic Con, held at the Jacob Javits Center every year in October. With the convention being this weekend, I’ve decided to write a post based around that. After being a seasoned convention goer for the last few years now, there are some useful things I have learned about attending conventions, which I’ve already detailed on my own blog. By being a gamer and a proud owner of a Nintendo 3DS, having it along with you is a convention must. Why is it a convention must? The answer is simple––Street Pass!

3DS_StreetPassStreet Pass is a fun feature where one 3DS can “meet” with another 3DS it detects in close proximity to where you are. Using Street Pass enables you to collect puzzle pieces for Puzzle Swap, play a Street Pass mini-game known as Find Mii and Find Mii 2 to collect hats to customize your Mii with, collect awards or items for games you and another 3DS owner might have, or just get a thrill from seeing who you met and where they’re from in the Mii Plaza. I personally love checking out the Miis of other 3DS owners I’ve “met” in the area. You never really know who may own a 3DS and is a fellow gamer like you.

When I take my 3DS out with me sometimes and I’m not hanging around my other friends who also own a 3DS, I can meet at least two or three people at random. On rare occasions, I may get up to six or seven meetups, but I really think it depends on where I am in the city and what may be going on in the area. Attending a geeky convention like Comic Con is a goldmine for Street Pass tags. Where else will you find like minded geeks who may own a 3DS under one roof?

The amount of Street Pass tags you can have at a time before clearing it to make room for new visitors are ten. When you’re in a convention as big as Comic Con, ten fills up surprisingly fast. This is something my friends and I discovered quickly during the year the 3DS was relatively a new portable device and we had it with us at NYCC.

During the times we took breaks from walking the convention floor and planted ourselves somewhere to sit and relax for a bit, we emptied out all the new Miis our Mii met. As you play the usual animation of your Mii greeting all the new Street Pass visitors you have at the Mii Plaza gate, there was always a green light constantly blinking to indicate more 3DS devices “meeting” each other. It’s nearly impossible to empty out the new Street Passes you have. They just keep coming!

The swarm of fellow 3DS owners is definitely good to have at a convention when you’re looking to collect puzzle pieces fairly quickly to complete a picture or to finish Find Mii 2 for the third straight time in a row to get all the hats you’re missing. It’s also fun to see how a 3DS owner created their own Mii to either represent themselves or a favorite character/actor they love.

I have a really good Chuck Norris Mii hanging out in my Mii Plaza after I obtained him from a random Street Pass. I didn’t get that Mii at NYCC, but from a Nintendo event I went to with friends a while ago. You can see what I mean about the fun part in collecting other cleverly made Miis from other 3DS owners.

If you’re lucky enough to have a 3DS of your very own, don’t leave home without it. Always make sure to bring your 3DS to a geeky convention like NYCC. You never know who you may meet. Maybe you might just have Chuck Norris hanging out at your Mii Plaza one day too.

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