These kick-ass ladies show DC how a Wonder Woman movie should be done

DC Comics has faced a lot of backlash recently. They got a lot of heat for asking potential artists to draw Harley Quinn naked in the bathtub while in the process of trying to commit suicide, the team working on Batwoman quit amid claims that DC consistently changed or blocked already approved story lines (such as allowing her to marry her fiancé), and a lot of people are wondering about why they seem so reluctant to make a Wonder Woman movie. Judging by the reaction from the Amazonian’s legion of loyal fans and admirers fans, a Wonder Woman film seems like a no brainer.

Luckily, while DC mulls it over, Rainfall Films worked with a group of awesome women to produce a stunning short film featuring the popular heroine. Directed by Sam Balcomb, the film stars Rileah Vanderbilt alongside America Young, Clare Grant, Alicia Marie, Kimi Hughes and Christy Hauptman.

Vanderbilt is fierce as Diana of Themyscira as she blocks bullets, throws spears and kicks human and creature asses alike. The Amazons are ethereal and intense as they stare down the threat to their homeland. It’s an atmospheric and moving interpretation of a realistic Wonder Woman and DC should probably be taking notes (including tapping these ladies for a feature film).

Enjoy and amazing  job to everyone involved with the film!

Featured Image from Rainfall Films

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