Sometimes Being A Cheap Gamer Is Hard, Especially When You Have Games Like Pokemon X/Y


I’ve always prided myself in being one of those gamers who doesn’t buy every single, most anticipated released game on midnight launch or pre-order. I’m not putting down anyone who does buy a game soon after it’s released. Not at all. I’ve spent a huge portion of my life having to budget my money pretty tightly because I didn’t always have a large reserve of it. And when I finally did have enough money to get what I wanted to buy, I always had to make a choice between the one thing I really wanted over the other thing I wanted just as much.

Now that I don’t have to budget my money as tightly as before, I still have a hard time buying anything immediately and that includes video games. Maybe it’s because I’m better at waiting for a really good sale or maybe it’s because I’m content with the mountain of games I already have in my possession to keep me busy for a while. Whatever it is, I only buy video games if it’s on my number one list of games to buy at launch or pre-order.

When Pokemon X&Y came out a few weeks ago, I very much wanted to get the latest installment of the series but it really wasn’t on my “must-have it immediately” list. What finally made me cave and buy the game sooner rather than when the price dropped was seeing all my blogger friends either tweet or blog about their experience with the game. A bunch of people were trading Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes, asking for trades on specific items, requesting to trade Pokemon, or wanting to have people on their teams to help with their overall experience with the game. In other words, the new Pokemon game promoted a sense of community and fun.

Considering the online aspect of the Pokemon game has greatly improved since the previous versions of the series, it makes playing the new Pokemon X&Y a fun and exciting experience. You can meet anyone anywhere in the world, do battles with them, make new friends, or offer trades. The interactivity and the possibilities you have with this game are phenomenal. Since a lot of my fellow blogger friends are so spread out throughout the country and all over the world, it’s the closest thing we have to coming together and playing a game we all have. Since Pokemon X&Y is a new game and just about everyone is currently playing it, it’s enough to want to toss down the money for it and join in on the fun. Besides, the experience of playing the game won’t be quite the same if you get it soon after everyone else has moved onto playing the next big thing.

When it comes to being that super cheap gamer, sometimes you have to make exceptions when you have fellow gamers and friends having fun on the scale that Pokemon X&Y has proven capable of. It’s like being that shy kid at a pool party who is hesitant to join the other kids in the pool. You see everyone else having fun, so why should you be left out on all the fun? Better to just dive in and join the party! You’ll be glad you did.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Being A Cheap Gamer Is Hard, Especially When You Have Games Like Pokemon X/Y”

  1. Yep, I was in the same situation as you! Actually, I almost got Animal Crossing a while back because everybody was so into it, but I just wasn’t super interested myself. With Pokemon X and Y, I was more curious and decided to jump in and pay full price while the game’s still popular. I have to say, I really like these games with a sense of community… even though I don’t play a lot of traditional multiplayer or anything!

    1. Yeah! I was almost tempted to get Animal Crossing too, but I don’t think it’s the game for me. Pokemon X/Y I knew I was going to get, I just figured I’d wait until it became cheaper. Obviously, that didn’t work out so well for the both of us but it’s not a bad thing! 🙂 At least we’re all playing and having fun with the same game together.

  2. Yeah, that is definitely the thing money can’t buy you. Even with single player games, there is a real zeitgeist in its initial few months, especially around the blogosphere and on social media. It’s pretty discouraging if you are late to the party, either do to financial or other reason.

    1. Exactly. Most of the time I feel a little left out when everyone is playing THE game everyone is talking about. It’s even worse when it’s a game you want to play, but because so many people are talking about it as they play it, you avoid the conversation just so it won’t get spoiled for you when you do eventually buy it. If I bought every game I wanted on release day, I’d go broke and bills are more important than video games!

  3. I bought both and I’m not even mad. Well technically a bought four copies. Two from the shop on the way home because my pre-orders hadn’t arrived (they turned up fifteen minutes after the plastic came off). I was just at the right age in the first wave of pokemadness. They have me for life.

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