Digimon the Movie is still pretty awesome!


I’ve been doing a lot of revisiting lately. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is still awesome, Final Fantasy VIII is still awesome, Threads of Fate was awesome at least for the first hour, and now I can officially say that Digimon the Movie still rocks. Y’know, in a this-is-my-childhood-why-am-I-suddenly-crying kind of way. Digimon has started playing on Nicktoons as a way to bring in the brand new Digimon show that looks horrifying, and I couldn’t help but think about Digimon the Movie. It was my favorite VHS tape as a child. I think I actually ended up breaking it by replaying it so much. There are three main reasons why Digimon the Movie is still amazing:

  1. Angela Anaconda. I hated the show as a kid. I hate it now. But seeing the intro to the main movie was enjoyable to watch at least for the sake of remembering how I used to fast forward over it.
  2. The Rockafeller Skank, One Week, All Star, The Impression That I Get, All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads, Kids In America
  3. The humor is still humorous! It’s not often when I revisit an old show/movie and still genuinely laugh at the jokes. Digimon the Movie is still just as charming as it was as an impressionable kid.

There’s nothing really deep or intellectual about Digimon the Movie and many hardcore fans of the show complained about hypocrisy and events that just didn’t make sense inside of canon. But as someone who only slightly loved Digimon (Pokemon was for the cool kids), those factors were never anything I stressed over. There is action and adventure, and while the storytelling is fairly straight-forward, it’s still pretty entertaining. So while nostalgia does undeniably fuel my continued love for the movie, perhaps there are still several qualities to appreciate about it. This film is a nicely packed childhood memory that should definitely be revisited! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, well you need to be a cool kid and watch it.

Now if I can just find my Digimon Tamagotchi-like device…

3 thoughts on “Digimon the Movie is still pretty awesome!”

  1. hahaha! What are the chances? I watched this again over the weekend, right after I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The movie. I still love both of these films. I’m busy trying to collect all the seasons now. I started watching Digimon season 1 the other day and I think I’m on season 3 of power rangers. I still love these shows. They are extremely corny now, but well worth the feeling that it brings me. Awesome article!

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